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Different Types of Skin Diseases Predicted in Astrology


The skin is the largest outer covering organ of the body, made up of multiple layers of tissues. It guards and protects the internal organs and systems of the body from outer pathogens. Skin diseases is a broad terminology used of a variety of skin disorder caused by many internal and external factors like genetic, viral, bacterial, inflammatory, allergic and ...

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Diseases from House Flies

I am writing this article as a way of promoting our fly killer machines. It provides information on diseases that can be caused by house flies. Houseflies frequent dung heaps and other fecal sources. They also visit decaying matter including dead animals. When landing on food that is prepared for human consumption, contaminated material is often transferred to the food. ...

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Establishment of Infectious Diseases

An infectious disease occurs when a pathogenic organism causes inflammation or organ dysfunction. This may be caused directly by the virus itself, as when the etiologic agent multiplies in the coordinator, or indirectly as a result from the host’s inflammatory response. Numerous infections are subclinical, not producing any obvious manifestations of illness. To cause overt virus, all microorganisms should go ...

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Yoga: The Best Healer of Various Diseases

Yoga is the ancient science that is very helpful in bringing balance in the life. In order to get healthy body & mind, proper balance in life is essential. Yoga is considered as the best technique that brings the proper balance in personal & professional life. The proper balance ensures good health. There are various diseases that have originated from ...

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The Importance Of Immunization Against Childhood Diseases

We often hear jingles of radio and television urging parents to immunize their children against childhood killer diseases. Unfortunately, most parents hardly pay attention to the entreaties. Perhaps, most parents are unaware of the immense benefits of immunization especially to children. Immunization makes people immune to disease by injecting tiny, harmless organism into a person. This is known as inoculation ...

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