Organic Foods, Good For Everyone’s Health!

The Organic Place is run by a family who loves to cook and try new things and are passionate about healthy food and living, and who also want to help the community do the same. The Organic Place makes healthy living and eating accessible and convenient for all.

What Is Organic?

It is referred to the way that food was produced if it’s talking about food that is being organic. Organic food is a method that is being produced to which comply abide by with the Australian Certified Organic Standards. And these standards include:

  • Using renewable resources
  • Conservation of water, soil, and energy
  • The recognition of livestock welfare and needs
  • Producing optimum quantities of produce without the use of synthetic chemicals, with environmental maintenance and enhancement

Before the products can actually be labeled as organic, the mentioned above must have been in place for at least 3 years.

Why Eat Organic Foods?

Here are some benefits of eating organic foods:

  • Used few pesticides – usually, chemicals like herbicides and insecticides are used in traditional farming and their residue often remains on the food we eat.using few pesticides in organic farming is better for those who are working or living nearby to the farms.
  • It is fresher – since organic foods don’t contain any preservatives, it is then last longer turnaround time of the food making its way from the farm to your plate needs to be less.
  • It is better for the environment – for all great things for the environment and our future, organic farming focuses on renewable energy and the conservation of water and soil.
  • Rich in nutrients – organic food has been proven that it has higher levels of nutrients than non-organic food which is better for us.
  • Best for livestock – animals that are used in organic farming are much better than those used in traditional farming because they are provided with space to roam outside and are not given growth hormones or feed animal by-products.

Free from GMO – organic foods are free from genetically modified ingredients

Aside from the animals and environment are healthy and safe, you and your family are safe and healthy when eating organic foods.

Are All Organic foods An Australian Grown?

Not all organic foods are grown in Australia. Cocoa, cocoa nibs, and chia seeds don’t grow in Australia but at the Organic place, some items are from overseas. Seasoning is the most important thing to understand when it comes to organic fruit and vegetables this is because the Organic Place are dealing with fresh produce the company can only source what is in season and of course, seasons change. Maybe you can find fruits and vegetables in the market but you can’t buy organically at the same time because those foods contain preservatives.