Disability Conquered With Outshining Glory!

Do what is right according to you and make that your religion. How many times have heard this line and actually followed it? Some would say yes, we always do what we wanted to and did not care about the world while some would say… well, we wanted to follow our views, but umm… the society, the religion, and the people prevented us.

This is what is wrong and needs change. Look around you, look around your role models and the inspirations that did great things, achieved the pinnacle of success without caring for other people’s eyes and views. Are we any different from them? From childhood, you might be hearing the stories of great leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and social workers who fought with the society to achieve their dreams. Do you think they were not worried about the reaction? Do you think there road to success was smooth? Definitely not. Many and severe obstacles came before their path. Some had no money, no proper dwelling, not enough food to fill their stomachs and not enough education to get a degree paper with a hat. However, who cares about this when God has given you brains to find the pain reduction technique and heart to conquer the world?

There is one example that I would like to cite for you people. It is about a man who made the world LISTEN and SPEAK for his SUCCESS. He is Virendar Singh, India’s most successful deaf ATHLETE. Popularly known as the Goonga Pehelwaan, aka the mute Wrestler, he is the shine of India.

Virendar Singh was born in Haryana in a small village called Sasroli. God had already his destiny, so when he was only 6 months old he lost his power to listen. His eardrums became silent. Everyone in his family was so worried about him. His parents and relatives took him to every reputed hospital to bring back his hearing power and speech. It was all in vain. Slowly and steadily, this child grew up into a handsome young boy. In those days, young boys and girls received systematic training to become wrestlers especially a mud wrestler (One who fights in dangals and in wet or dry mud). Same thing happened with Virendar. When he was 12, he began his interest in wrestling in his village. As he was a village boy and ate ghee and milk of healthy cows, he was immensely powerful, in spite of his disability. At the age of 12, he won several prizes and a standing ovation from the village mayor and that was the beginning of his success story. Then the years passed and he grew into a powerful lion-like Pehelwaan who became the epitome of winning the wrestling competitions. He fought and he fought. However, he never stopped.

His fame crossed the boundaries of the village, state and the country. After that, the sports authority council saw his art and his powerful technique of defeating big and huge wrestlers in mud and decided to take him for international deafolympics. He practiced for days and nights, his art of putting his rival into the mud while facing his face to the sky grew very popular. He never thought that he is fighting to win; he just felt that he is increasing the spirit of the world-renowned game by contributing his power. That is one example of his down-to-earth attitude.

Then in world championship 2006, 2012 and 2013 he won two gold medals, one bronze, and two silver medallions at the International level. He showed his glory to the world in Melbourne, Bulgaria and few other countries to name. Right now, he is trying for the next Paralympics wrestling competition happening in Rio in 2016 and we all are praying for him. The filmmakers who made his life documentary called the Goonga Pehelwaan in 2013 won the national award. We all urge for his success in the next competition and we know that even if he cannot speak or hear, he can wrestle just like any normal and powerful wrestler and show him the ground. Kudos to you Virendar Singh! You have ignited our souls and we will look up to you as our life-hero.