Disability Conquered With Outshining Glory!

Do what is right according to you and make that your religion. How many times have heard this line and actually followed it? Some would say yes, we always do what we wanted to and did not care about the world while some would say… well, we wanted to follow our views, but umm… the society, the religion, and the ...

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Your Disability Is Protected Health Information


Recently a friend of mine was challenged to disclose the reason she has a legally-obtained handicapped license plate. To those who confronted her, she did not appear as though she deserved a handicapped parking space. Her disability is invisible, yet fatal. Being forced to disclose the reason for her permit to complete strangers was humiliating. She just wanted to enjoy ...

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Basic Information on Social Security Disability


Social security disability is a program setup to assist people with disabilities who have been medically proven to have the disability. It is run through two programs; social disability insurance and supplemental security income both run by the social disability insurance. This is to mean that the fund caters only individuals with full disabilities. The context below tries to discuss ...

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How a Denied Disability Lawyer Can Assist You


One of the most frustrating situations for a client with disability insurance occurs when you have to access the insurance you have paid into, often for years, and you are denied the support you are owed, the support you anticipated having available should the worst happen. There are so many loops to jump through to successfully claim disability insurance with ...

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Depression As a Disability

Depression is a serious mental illness and affects almost millions all over the world every year. It is common news in the newspapers or on the television about the suicidal rates due to depression is getting higher every year. Depression is a mental disability which affects almost all the daily activities of the sufferer. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are ...

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