The Aftermath: Cleaning A Loved One’s House After Unexpected Death

The unexpected death of someone you love, may he be a family, member or friend is never easy. It can affect anyone who knows him. Acceptance alone takes time. Grieving doesn’t end at the funeral. The aftermath is also as bad as the time you found out about it. What’s more difficult for many relatives is cleaning up and fixing the belongings of the departed. It can take an emotional toll on anyone who has to deal with it.


When it comes to unexpected death or instances where the body was not found immediately preceding it, there are potential health hazards that go with it. Therefore, it is best to entrust unattended death cleanup Austin to professionals who have training, skills, and equipment to do a proper cleanup.

How Does the House Become Hazardous?

You might wonder why and how the place of death is hazardous when the body got removed already. The reason behind that is because the body has fluids. When people die, the body starts to decay. And when left unattended for days, it can get contaminated and thus becoming hazardous.

How Do You Make the House Clean and Safe Again?

With proper cleaning and disinfection, you can rid of all contaminant in the place of death and you can restore it to its usage and people can even live in it. There are many things you can do to ensure that it gets cleaned properly.

Hire a Cleanup Service

The first and best option you need to do is to hire a cleanup service around your area. These are professionals who know how to dispose and clean up hazardous wastes properly. It is best to entrust cleaning to them to ensure that everything will not just get cleaned but for them to restore the place so it can be habitable again.

Conduct an Inventory

After everything is clean and you can freely move around the house, it is ideal to conduct an inventory of all the items there. Separate pieces which are no longer needed or those that need to get thrown or given away. If you are still in an emotional stage, you can leave it and take care of it when you feel better. However, if seeing certain belongings makes you feel bad, store them or dispose of them. It will not help in your recovery.

Redecorate and Rearrange Furniture

The next step you can do is to give the house a brand new feeling. Try redecorating and rearranging sure furniture, so the setup is different than what you have at the moment. Seeing something fresh and different can help you recover faster.

Dispose of Unwanted Items

It may be challenging, but as much as possible, if you do not have a lot of storage space, it is better to dispose of all the items of your loved one. You can keep as much as you want but everything that is no longer needed is better off given away or thrown or recycled. Belongings and individual items can remind your memories, and it can get you to feel worse.

Do you need any help cleaning up a crime scene or unattended death? We are here to assist you, feel free to visit our office.