Yoga Poses to Help with Back Pain

The back is one of the body’s most powerful muscles yet, surprisingly, it’s easily injured. You rely on your back every day, whether for walking, standing, sitting, or any other type of movement. You never really know how important your back is until it starts hurting, however. Back pain can cause a lot of problems for a person such as stress, anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping, and more. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, you might find it difficult to stand, sit down, lie down, and walk.

Fortunately, yoga can be a great solution when you’re looking for pain relief. There are several yoga poses and if your back is giving you trouble, you should consider trying some poses dedicated to stretching and relaxing your back muscles. If you’re interested in signing up for a Hot Flow Yoga fitness exercise class, you should be sure to find a yoga centre near you so that you can participate in some healing exercises that can help your back.

Cat-Cow Pose

To alleviate some back pain, you’re going to need to slowly stretch your back muscles. With this pose, you need to get on all fours, sort of as a cat or a cow might. Be sure to wear some comfortable clothing, such as yoga pants and a tank top, and be sure to use a yoga mat so as to not injure your knees when you need them. Start by entering a tabletop position in which your knees and palms are touching the floor. Next, slowly push your belly to the floor without bending your knees or elbows. Your rear end should stay higher than your stomach. As you breathe, lift your chin up and then down toward your chest. Continue for about ten minutes and let your spine stretch out.

Pigeon Pose

Believe it or not, your hips can cause a lot of your back pain. If your hips are too tight, your lower back will strain to support itself. Fortunately, you can relax your lower back and your hips with this pose. Start flat on the ground, slowly bring a leg up above your waist, and cross it so it’s directly below your opposite wrist. Your other leg should stick straight out behind you. Get as low as possible but go slowly because your back will resist this stretch at first.

Supine Twist

For this pose, you’ll be lying on your back with your arms extended outward to either side of your torso. Slowly lift up your knees and bend them toward your chest. Finally, you can twist your knees (while together) to either side of your body. This will stretch out your lower back and your hips.

If you feel as if you need an instructor’s help, you should reach out to your local hot yoga clinic to get help from a professional. It can be hard to tell if you’re doing the poses properly and your instructor might even know other poses that can help with your back pain.