Why mastectomy is An Effective Treatment for Breast Cancer

Mastectomy is an operation that aims to remove the breast tissue and it is usually performed as a treatment for breast cancer. Traditionally, as a part of mastectomy, the breast, the nipple and areola were removed. Also, a great portion of the breast skin was also removed, leaving a long scar across the chest. However, the modern nipple sparing mastectomy is a great treatment that provides a major psychological and physical benefit for women who are suffering from breast cancer. In this procedure, the surgeons will preserve the area as well as the breast skin while taking out most of the underlying tissue of the breast. This is a safe process which is done through a small incision just below the areola.

What to Expect from Nipple Sparing Mastectomy?

A nipple sparing mastectomy is the safest way to treat breast cancer that involves breast reconstruction and it takes anywhere from two to eight hours. The time taken for the operation will actually vary depending on the type of Mastectomy that is going to be performed.

Once the procedure is done, the patient will have a small tube that gets sewn into place within the breast to draw away any fluids. The end of the tube is actually attached to a suction device. Depending on the severity of the case, patients may need to stay in the hospital for one to five nights.

Patients who are undergoing through a nipple sparing mastectomy are usually prescribed some pain killer medications since paint may come after the procedure is done. Depending on the condition, patient may be asked to intake pain medicines for up to two weeks after the procedure. There could be some numbness under the arm which will go away in a matter of time. However, once the patient recovers from the same, the patient will have reconstructed breasts that look natural, normal, and even beautiful. This type of mastectomy can be performed on over 95% of women whose breast cancer is not in the nipple.

Advantages of Nipple Sparing Mastectomy:

The main advantage of nipple sparing mastectomy is that it maintains the existing areola. As a result, there won’t be any necessary surgery required. In addition, nipple sparing mastectomy is a completely safe procedure. Modern studies have shown that preserving the nipple and areola doesn’t negatively affect the cure rate as compared to removing the nipple like the traditional mastectomy methods. In fact, nipple sparing mastectomy actually lowers the overall risk of breast cancers, decreases cost, and minimizes the pain.

Today, you can find many breast centers throughout the country that offers nipple sparing mastectomy at the most affordable cost. It is very popular nowadays and commonly performed techniques to cure breast cancers in women. However, one should only go for nipple sparing mastectomy when he/she went through a mastectomy to treat or get rid of breast cancer. It is also important to consult your doctor to check your candidacy to opt for a nipple sparing mastectomy or reconstructive surgery.