Why Is a Venturi Mask Used as an Oxygen Delivery Device?

Oxygen delivery devices are one of the most common medical tools available at hospitals and clinics across the world. They are very helpful in cases where patients face respiratory problems or have difficulty in breathing. Patients suffering from hypoxemia, hemodynamic insufficiency and increased breathing need immediate administration of oxygen. It is vital for a patient’s tissues to be adequately oxygenated and cardiopulmonary work to be minimized.

For this purpose, doctors need oxygen delivery devices whose selection is done on factors as varied as design, performance and clinical assessment. At present, there are a wide range of devices available for oxygen administration to help bring relief in virtually all types of respiratory problems. The type of device used, however, is selected based on the oxygen requirement of the patient and ease of therapeutic application.

The devices for oxygen delivery are available in designs ranging from simple to complex. They can have either a low-flow or high-flow system, and you can select them based on the reservoir and humidity. Venturi mask is one such device which is selected for high-delivery system of oxygen.

High-flow oxygen delivery systems

There can be a variety of respiratory problems faced by a patient and the delivery of oxygen becomes the focal point of treatment in such cases. High-flow delivery systems are one in which a specific concentration is provided based on the inspiratory flow demand of the patient.

The following are some cases where high-flow delivery systems are used-

  • When the oxygen delivery is needed at a flow either equal to, or exceeding, the inspiratory flow demand of the patient
  • It is used when there is the need to achieve an exact FiO2
  • High-flow enriched oxygen is created of a matching concentration and then delivered
  • The system is needed when constant FiO2 is needed regardless of respiratory rates and tidal volumes
  • This system is fit for use when there is no issues related to carbon dioxide retention
  • The system is also perfect when humidifiers are not needed

Why is the Venturi mask used?

The level of requirement of oxygen can vary greatly among patients and thus, there need to be different devices available to suit them all perfectly. Venturi masks are used in cases where a specific concentration of oxygen is required. They are used in cases where the patient is critically ill.

The following are some of reasons for using Venturi masks –

  • Venture masks are mostly used for critically ill patients requiring a specific dose or concentration of oxygen
  • The masks have holes on each side for the exodus of the exhaled air
  • The adjustable variety of color-coded entrainment ports help in regulating the concentration of oxygen
  • The mask is used when patients need oxygen concentrations from 24% to 60% with flow rates from 4 to 12 L/min
  • The Venturi mask has minimal carbon dioxide buildup which makes it fit for use in those patients having COPD
  • The device has virtually no need for humidification
  • Different size adaptors can be used with the mask to get either a fixed or varying FiO2
  • Doctors recommend the Venturi mask when an accurate FiO2 is needed