What is Tooth Sealing and why is it So Important?

Teeth sealing belongs to preventive procedures in dentistry. It protects permanent teeth from the possibility of developing cavity. Sealing is recommended for children, immediately after growing the first permanent molars. It is a simple procedure that can greatly prevent the development of cavity on permanent teeth. All permanent molars and pre-quenches can be protected with the help of this procedure. It is certainly necessary to carry out thorough oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly to control or even replace the seal on the teeth if necessary, thereby avoiding the possibility of developing caries. Oasis family dental clinic thunder bay wants you to know how important these procedures are to protect your teeth from further damaging. You can come and visit us at any time and have a perfect smile.
What is Tooth Sealing and why is it So Important?

What do you do before your teeth are sealed?

Since teeth cavity is a disease that is very widespread in the children’s population, regular dental control is recommended. It is definitely recommended to make a first checkup of the child as soon as they grow teeth and getting acquainted with a dental office before the age of 3. It is interesting that research shows that if parents often visit a dentist, it is more likely that they will lead their children more often to a dentist. The child should be introduced to a dentist and a dental office before the onset of caries. With this, the child acquires safety, a sense of relaxation, agrees to cooperate, and is not afraid of late arrivals to the dentist if caries appear. For the child, it is worst that they first encounter with a dentist once they develop a disease or experience a severe pain in their tooth. Many parents are unaware of the key role that baby teeth have on the development and ultimate appearance of permanent teeth. If cavity develops on them, it will spread and cause cavities on the remaining teeth.

Why is it necessary to do the sealing of teeth?

The tooth surface is made of a complex material because there are numerous fissures (gut) on the chewing surfaces between the denticles. Deep fissures are places where the plaque is formed and where teeth are difficult to clean. It is therefore difficult to remove plaque from these areas and to carry out adequate oral hygiene. More than 75% of caries begin in these deep fissures. Therefore, a diet rich in sugar, carbonated drinks, night consumption of sweet drinks and bad oral hygiene will lead to the emergence of caries. In the fissure, plaque is protected from mechanical cleaning and thus favors the propagation of bacteria, thus creating conditions for the development of caries on permanent teeth.

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