When it comes to this point, than the first question that will arise in one’s mind that is what Reandron 1000 is? What will be its benefits, advantages, and side effects? And most important guidelines related to it what will the dosage and how to take? Let’s find out bit by bit answer of every question. The form of synthetic or laboratory created from anabolic androgenic steroids is Reandron. This is designed in such a way that it will mimic the effects of testosterone therefore men prescribed with Reandron 1000. Out of many brand names of testosterone undecanoate it is one of them. And most commonly used in Australia, UK and New Zealand.  As you know that the Reandron 1000 is just a brand name, which changes depending upon the country. The other brand name of this steroid is Andriol, Nebido, and testosterone undecylate and testosterone undecanoate.

One can identify this steroid easily with its molecular formula C30H48O3. And in some steroids it also contains chemical of similar ratio and some other contain nitrogen also. It is an injection form of the solution. Which is available as 1000mg or 4ml. this form of testosterone undecanoate is stronger than testosterone as it contain 250 mg of testosterone undecanoate per milliliter. This Reandron 1000 steroid in the medical field is designed to promote development, enhance and maintain the male sex hormone. Men prescribed with Reandron 1000 should be very aware of the products available in the black market because it may lead to various dangerous problems. As these steroids may be available as false labels as the expired products, counterfeit product, contaminated product and different milligram strength than advertised. One should follow the Reandron injection instructions and dosage recommended properly in order to enhance its benefits and reduce its potential side effects or adverse reactions.

According to the guideline of Reandron 1000 tells that it is not suitable for increasing strength and muscle building. This injection should be given every 100 weeks to 14 weeks. This steroid can be used alone or in combination with other form of testosterone also. On the basis of medical scenarios, the dosage of Reandron depends on the weight, age, height and condition for which the individual is being treated. This helps in increase and maintains the testosterone level in the hypogonadal treatment. Mostly bodybuilder takes this steroid in higher dosage and ay a very frequent interval of time that too at their own risk. Some of the benefits that a bodybuilder gets from Reandron 1000 are useful in bulking or cutting cycles, increased red blood cells, increased protein synthesis, increased IGF-1, increased nitrogen retention, performance enhancement, inhibition of gluco corticoid hormones and growth factor plus from HGH. When it comes to point to taking it in high dosage than it lead to some of the side effects like weight gain, changes in appetite, Priapism, changes in mood, temporary pain at the injection site, interrupted, headaches and increase sense of anxiety.