The various types of pregnancy tests

Most of the women can figure out if they are pregnant once they notice one common symptom. In case if you are facing to any of the symptoms of pregnancy you should opt for various pregnancy test tools or a home pregnancy test to verify that you are pregnant. The accurate results from a home pregnancy test are obtained if you go on to conduct after a single day of your missed period. But it is best to wait till a week after you have missed your period so that accurate results can be obtained.

Home pregnancy tests

Of the different pregnancy test tools, home pregnancy test is the most popular. You can opt for this test after the first date of your missed period. Some of the tests could be sensitive and you can use them much earlier as well.

All these tests work on one major principle that is detection of HCG in the urine. This is a hormone that is only found in our body when we are pregnant. A chemical that is present in the stick changes colour when you come in contact with this hormone. Mostly waiting times tends to depend upon the test, but to deliver an accurate reading hardly it takes more than 10 minutes.

The general recommendation is that you opt for this test a couple of times. The results are going to vary if you are going to take this test soon after your missed period. Sometimes the levels of HCG are too low that it might be too difficult to detect. The tests vary from brand to brand but at a general level these tests tend to be cost effective.

It has to be noted that pregnancy tests are accurate when they are put to use in a proper manner. The chances of a false negative does arise which shows that you are pregnant, but the results might have something else to say. If you have missed your period and the results have not worked in your favour then get the test undertaken after a few days.

Urine test at the clinic

At the doctor’s office you can be part of the clinical test. At the same time these tests do not seem to be more accurate than a HPT. But the doctor may be able to eradicate any errors that might spring up during the course of the test. It all depends upon your insurance plan as a clinical test is going to cost you more than HPT. The results are also going to worry depending upon the medical facility that you visit. But the results can be expected after a single week of taking this test.

At the same time there are a couple of blood tests that are the quantitative or the qualitative ones. If the levels of HCG are higher or lower than you normal expect during any stage of pregnancy, the doctor may ask you to go for further round of tests.