Various Options You Have for Hair Transplant Surgery

Do you think for hair transplant surgery? Then go for it, because transplantation is one of the most common needs for the restoration of growth of the natural hair. This surgery is becoming the most popular day by day due to the several benefits. The surgery basically involves the extraction the hair which are not susceptible to the baldness, so they can be implanted back to the area which are highly susceptible to the baldness. The more interesting fact is that the hair, which gets transplanted does not get lost with the time unlike natural hair, which are genetically intended to loose over time. The hairs, which get transplanted, grow in the positive fashion and completely change the looks of the person.

Some people think that the hair transplants are only possible for the males but it is absolutely not true. There are several clinics, which offers the affordable hair transplantation surgery for the women patients. As there is less tendency in the females who suffers from alopecia, but they suffers from certain diseases in which the person loose the hair, so in such cases one can use the hair transplant surgery. Although there are certain other hair loss treatments, which one can opt but the best option is the hair transplant surgery. So try to know more about the hair transplant surgery before undergoing the treatment. Here are certain different types of hair transplant surgery, which are mentioned below.

Follicular unit transplant –

This is one of the most popular treatment options, which one can go for. In this method, a strip of patch of the hair is removed out. The strip should be removed from the areas, which are enriched with hair like back of the head. Then disperse the hair from the strip and transplant it onto the other areas, which are devoid of hair. Sometimes, the scar can be left out in the area from where the hair get extracted but do not need to worry; the scar fades away within a week or less.

Follicular unit extraction –

This procedure does not involve the extraction or removal of a strip of hair from the back of the head. But it is the procedure which involves the extraction of the single follicle from the back of the head and them implanting it on the areas which are bald. In this procedure also, the follicles retrieved from the back of the head then implanting it on the bald areas. This procedure is not similar with the follicular unit extraction; there is no need of the deep cuts or complex surgeries. This method is necessary where the people cannot bear the scar on the back of the head. So it is better to avoid the scar by following this procedure.

Transplant revision –

The person which have already got done the hair transplantation but which was uneventful. So the newer methods are being upgraded from day by day.

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