Using Macronutrients to Make Perfect On the Go Keto Diet Snacks

Keto diets are all the rage now. One of the challenges to adhering to this diet is knowing the right way to snack. At Fat Fuel Go, we know quite a bit about delicious and easy-to-prepare keto snacks so that you stay energized and healthy as you go about your day. In fact, here are some tips on how to combine macronutrients in order to make a perfect on-the-go snack as part of a keto diet.

Combining Macronutrients for a Perfect On-The-Go Keto Diet Snack

Use Veggies and Full Fat Dressing

A good keto diet needs a high fat content. Veggies make a great snack to take on the go. Options here include green peppers, cucumbers; which can be dipped in ranch dressing. The dressing should not be the low fat kind, but rather the full fat version that is would lead to ketogenesis. This kind of dressing is also typically low in carbohydrates, unlike the high fat version which is usually high in carbohydrates.

Use Berries and Cream

Although berries are sweet, they are low on carbs; which makes them perfect as part of a keto diet. When paired with cream, the heavy fat kind, they can make a perfect snack. This kind of cream has 40% fat. However, watch out not to get carried away and eat too much – it is meant to be a snack. Some of the berries you can use include strawberries.

Bacon and Egg Fat Bombs

Some slices of bacon can make a really savory snack for a keto dieter when combined with eggs. This diet has lots of fat in it, which makes it perfect as a snack. This snack is quite satiating, and can go for quite a while before going bad. That is why it makes such a a great snack for someone on a keto diet.

Coconut and Cinnamon

Although coconut is high in fat, it is easily digested by the body and preferred as a source of energy unlike other kinds of fat that are stored in the body as fat. Combining a cup of coconut shreds with half a tablespoon of cinnamon can make a delicious snack for you without violating your keto diet restrictions. This is a great on the go diet because it can stay refrigerated when not needed. You will also feel like you have eaten a great meal after enjoying this snack.

Avocado and Deviled Eggs

Regular deviled eggs are known to have commercial mayonnaise, which is full of unhealthy oils. But with these deviled eggs, the use of fat-rich avocados makes them very healthy and great for someone on a keto diet. This combination makes great on the go snacks, and you can spice it with chili and other spices you prefer for an even richer taste.

Macadamia Nuts and Hummus

This is among the easiest keto snacks you can create. It does not take long to prepare, and you will end up with a tasty and crunchy on the go snack. The nuts go well with hummus, and you can also pair them with vegetables like celery.