Tryptophan – A complete know-how

foto-fish-filetsFor all living things including human’s tryptophan is required to fight diseases, though it is not produced in living organisms and can be provided through ingestion.

Tryptophan is commonly found in foods like meats, eggs, dry fruits, seeds and dairy products like cheese. People who do not consume animal products should not worry. Many plants are excellent sources of amino acids. Foods with high amount of protein contain highest level of tryptophan whether it is a source obtained from plants or animals.

Many quoted consuming high amount of food either vegetarian or non vegetarian cause’s drowsiness and acts as sleeping aid. These depend on role of tryptophan during fusion. Since, after consuming carbohydrates which activates insulin which helps to treat people who are suffering from diseases like depression and epilepsy? But, as always, too much of anything is very bad for health.

Scientists have proven by doing research on pigs and rats. High amount of tryptophan leads to organ failure and produces large quantity of insulin. Tryptophan supplements are available in the form of medicines, provided only through doctor’s prescription. Alternating dosages of these medicines may cause illness.

Role of Tryptophan Supplements

Healthy foodTryptophan is an essential amino acid because our body cannot produce naturally. Hence, it must be acquired through diet. Knowingly or unknowingly we consume significant amounts of tryptophan. Many traditional foods used in meal such as turkey, chicken, kale and vegetables are converts to serotonin, providing satisfied emotional state.

This is an amino acid, protein building blocks which are present in many plants and animal foods. It is very important for development and functioning of many organs in our body. Our body converts tryptophan in to serotonin after consuming food, i.e. by eating more of these Tryptophan-rich foods. Tryptophan converts into 5 HTP. Serotonin is a hormone which alters mood by entering brain and transfers signals between nerve cells. Changes in level of serotonin causes narrow blood vessels. Serotonin is a compound in brain that promotes relaxation and confidence.

Dry FruiteWhile taken in sufficient quantities tryptophan converts to melatonin which helps in regulation of healthy sleep cycles. Shortage of serotonin leads to sleeping depravation. Because of less sleep, anxiety and depression pop up. Few people also tend to over eat while dealing depression. Commonly tryptophan is used for mood control. Though we get tryptophan from many sources of food which we consume are not sufficient to deal serotonin imbalances. So we need to take supplements available with chemists with proper guidance from doctor.

Tryptophan supplements efficiently treat menstrual disorders to decrease mood swings, anger, irritability and tensions. People who are addicted to smoking can use this tryptophan supplements which helps them quit smoking.

Side effects of tryptophan

Effects of tryptophan are rather serious. Many nutritional supplement manufacturers quote it is safe product and advertise it fights with depression, pre menstrual syndrome and bests sleep inducer. Scientific researchers suggest not to use tryptophan as lone supplement for a very long period. This deteriorates health causing serious side effects. Drowsiness, nausea and headaches are common tryptophan side effects. However when taken in high dosage causes damage of liver.

Since tryptophan supplements mainly disrupt protein absorption in intestine which affects brain function.