The Top 5 Fitness Apps for Your iPhone

With many fitness apps available on the app store offering unique features to lure you in, it can be hard to know which to pick from. Here are just five of the best fitness apps around that you should have on your iPhone today.


One of the top fitness apps to download for your iPhone is MyFitnessPal. With an impressive database of millions of branded and non-branded food and drinks, this means that you can manually log what you have consumed each day with minimum frustration. This is because the app knows the health information of specific foods, helping save you time and effort. You are also able to sync the app with a few fitness trackers, which can help enhance your workout.

7 Minute Workout

If you lead a busy lifestyle and feel you do not have enough time in the day to fit in a workout, try and have a go at the 7 Minute Workout app. Known as one of the most popular fitness apps on the market, the 7 Minute Workout app is self-explanatory in the sense that it offers training challenges that can be done in just seven minutes. The app also features a great tracking system, which is full of rewards and fun badges when you achieve your goals.


If you are looking for an app that can help save some of your battery life, it could be worth downloading ActivityTracker. While Apple already has built-in health options for you to use, ActivityTracker does the same job and takes up less battery. Being able to track your steps, calorie burn, and distance can help you with your fitness and give you goals to work towards.

Nike+ Run Club

If you are wanting a fitness app that feels more familiar, look no further as the Nike+ Run Club could be the perfect app for you. While the app is full of the expected features such as step count and calorie tracking, you can also integrate the app with your social media channels, as well as streaming platforms like Spotify, enabling you to work out to your favorite music. You can also link the app up to your Apple Watch. If you need a new MacBook or iPad for your apps, websites like Lureofmac.Com can give you more information on all the Apple products on the market.

Yoga Studio

If you want to exercise at a slower and more relaxing pace, the Yoga Studio app could be the right solution for you. With a wide range of yoga classes available at your fingertips, the app lets you work out from home and receive some of the best tips and guidance from fully qualified yoga instructors. However, bear in mind that although you can get a 14-day trial, you will have to pay for the app afterward.

Make sure that you take the time to investigate the apps listed and have a go at each one, so you can make your mind up on which app is right for you. Try and find out what fitness apps your friends and family are using to see if they are of any use to you.