Things to Consider when Buying the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

There is nothing more important for a dog owner than the health of their furry friend. However, there are times when your pooch might suffer from pain and anxiety. This is when you need to take care of them and see that they get the right product that could help them recover. One of the best ways to do this is by using cannabis oil for dogs.

Cannabis oil or CBD oil can not only help your pooch by relieving pain and anxiety, but it can also treat serious issues, like arthritis, inflammation, and even cancer. Today, you can find a great variety of CBD products for your dog. However, the huge variety of products can confuse you on what to choose for your furry friend.

Here are some questions that you need to ask to find the best CBD oil for your dog:

Is the product tested in a 3rd party lab?

Just because a commercial, website, or a label mentions some great results for a specific CBD oil product, it doesn’t mean everything said about it is accurate. This is why you need to make sure that the product you choose is tested and verified in a 3rd party independent lab. You can easily find the certificate of analysis of any product either online or by looking at the label.

Has the CBD oil been tested by a university or an accredited institution?

A good and reputable company making CBD oils for your dog will make sure that the product they make is researched in clinical trials at any university or an accredited institution. If a product hasn’t been through any clinical trials, then you cannot make out how it will affect your dog. Also, a tested and verified product ensures safety and effectiveness.

Has there been a safety study on the product?

In addition to being checked for whether the CBD oil product helps in alleviating pain and anxiety, you need to make sure that the product has been tested to be safe for dogs. The safety study also determines the right dose that is safe to be administered to a dog. You might not want to overlook the safety of the product you buy for your dog since an unchecked product might have serious side effects.

Are there instructions of dosage?

CBD oil is generally safe for the body when taken in recommended amounts which means that exceeding the dosage might cause serious side effects for your pooch. This is why you need to know the exact dosage required to get the proper results. Make sure the product you buy has a guide on the dosage needed for pets. This will help your pooch get better faster without any side effects.

Does the product manufacturer have customer support?

Customer support is one of the most important things you need to check before buying any CBD oil. There are times when you might not know how to use the product or what the correct dosage for your dog is. This is when you call the customer support that can provide you with all the information about the product.

Is the product recommended by any vet?

Check if the product you’re buying is certified by a vet. If yes, then you can be sure that the product is both effective and safe. You can also ask your vet to get you a CBD oil product for your dog as the products that are sold through the veterinarian carriers are the best you can find in the market. Once you consider all the questions mentioned above, you will find the right CBD oil for your pooch.