The Top Habits You should cultivate to Protect Yourself from EMFs

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the past decade, then you know that technologies like cell phones have evolved significantly in the last few years. And you have probably been taking advantage of other innovations, such as electricity, for as far back as you can remember. But along with these innovations come some great risks, particularly when it comes to electromagnetic fields. Whilst EMFs occur in nature and are naturally-formed, the increase in devices emitting EMFs have put us at risk for some serious health conditions. Now, we are regularly exposed to high levels of EMF coming from our phones, televisions, WiFi, and electrical appliances.

If you are becoming increasingly concerned about your exposure to EMF, you can do something about it. Here are the top habits you should cultivate to protect yourself from EMF overexposure.

Cell Phone Radiation

Use it – but use it wisely

We can’t avoid using our cell phones and computers; it is simply part of our daily lives. But if you have to use it, use it wisely. Cultivate the habit of turning off your cell phone when it is not in use. You should also train yourself to keep a certain amount of space between you and your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. Avoid placing your cell phone directly on your ear – use headphones or place it on speaker mode instead. Place your laptop on a table rather than putting it on your lap. Don’t sleep with your cell phone next to you – keep it at least 6 feet away from your head.

Develop the habit of ‘earthing’

If you haven’t heard of ‘earthing’ before, it’s about time you become familiar with it. ‘Earthing’ is simply a way of taking advantage of the earth’s electrons. You can develop the habit of ‘earthing’ by putting your feet on the ground – literally – whenever you can. You can walk around barefoot in your lawn or garden, for instance. The electrons from the earth are negatively-charged, and when these electrons react with the positively-charged electrons coming from EMFs, it results in a balance in your body. You are basically de-toxified and cleansed. ‘Earthing’ has the effect of ridding you of heavy metals as well as removing the effects of air pollution and even helping decrease inflammation.

Create a haven from EMF in your home

Your home can be a sanctuary from the EMF found in the outdoors. Make your home a haven by unplugging electrical devices and appliances whenever you can, and turning off your WiFi as well. If possible, opt for a wired Internet connection instead of a wireless one. Keep your bedroom extra safe by limiting the presence of electronic devices in it, such as clock radios and televisions.

You can take advantage of the power of EMF protection products as well, especially those from These products include special jewellery and pendants, shields, phone chips, and more.