Some Good Books on Drug Abuse and Rehab

It could be a devastating situation when you suddenly find out that a loved one in the family is a drug addict or a victim of any other substance abuse. In such a case, you might want to do a research at your level by going through whatever literature on the subject you come across to make it easier to decide on the path of rehabilitation.

Before you zero in on any accredited rehab center in the country, be it any drug rehab centers, a good book on drug abuse can prove to be a ready reckoner for you. There are many good books addressing the subject available in the market. Some of those are even part of the popular literature on drug abuse, addressing myriad aspects of drug abuse, its treatment, adversities faced by addicts, social stigma and health hazard related to it.

Here are some popular books on drug abuse and rehabilitation:

Crank: It’s a lurid description of the world of drug addiction and vagaries associated with it. Author Ellen Hopkins depicts the life of protagonist Kristina and her rendezvous with crystal meth in this book. She has written a series of books, the first of which got published in 2004.

Go Ask Alice: This book delves into the life of a teen who plunges into the abyss of drug abuse and other addictions. This gory tale of a teenage girl starts with a party game where she was served a spiked drink that got her hooked on drugs. Soon, she found herself in the dark alleys of drugs and addiction which eventually claimed her life.

Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction: The subject and plot of this book is a perfect alibi for why it should be read by every father who has a young son. It is the story of a journalist father who leaves no stone unturned to get his son back from the clutches of addiction leaving nothing to chances. It is the story of love, pain, agony and a roller coaster ride of his son’s flirting with the dangerous crystal meth.

A Million Little Pieces: The book is a gripping account of writer James Frey’s six weeks in a rehab. At 23 he was completely a loser drowned in addiction, alcoholism and speeding towards an end. He was given an ultimatum – either to stop his addiction or perish before he turned 24.

Smack: It is a story of love and despair, of drugs and addiction. It is weaved around the lives of two teenagers who fell ‘hook line and sinker’ for each other and drugs. Their penchant for the forbidden landed them in the soup bringing miseries instead of gratification. Written by Melvin Burgess, this book was first published in 1996.