Singapore Ministry of Health Will Change Structure of its Healthcare System

If you are curious about the healthcare system in Singapore, you should know that its Ministry of Health is reorganizing its healthcare system. It will be divided into a trio of clusters which are integrated. Currently, there are six clusters, rather than three. The proposed change was announced on the 18th of January, 2017, and it’s designed to meet the needs of Singaporeans as its Baby Boomers grow older and need more extensive health care services.

A lot of countries are changing their health care systems in response to the demands of an aging population, so Singapore’s new initiative definitely makes sense.

Healthcare Delivery is Improving

In recent years, the ministry has boosted the quality, accessibility and affordability of its healthcare services. This was part of the mandate of the Masterplan (Healthcare 2020). However, there are always new challenges and the changes to the healthcare system which are slated to be put into place are designed to manage and overcome these challenges.

Examples of challenges that must be faced include the burden on the healthcare system due to patients with chronic illnesses, as well as the demands of aging Baby Boomers who require extra care as they get older. More manpower and more money will be needed in order to make sure that patients receive adequate care.

The reorganization is supposed to help the healthcare system meet and beat these big challenges. It will help health care facilities and agencies to use their resources more efficiently and to expand their capabilities as needed. In addition, it will allow them to provide health care which is centered on patient needs and which is very comprehensive.

At present, there are six different health systems, all of which are regional. One is Jurong Health Services, one is the National University Health System, another is Singapore Health Services. The other three are Eastern Health Alliance, the Alexandra Health System and the National Healthcare Group. In the future, there will be central cluster which is called the NGH (National Healthcare Group). It’s leader will be Phillip Choo. The Eastern regions will make up the second cluster and the third cluster will be for the Western area.

These are big changes and they are meant to be beneficial. Polyclinics will also be re-arranged in order to provide optimal service under the new organization. While it may take time before the reorganization is complete, it’s safe to say that it’s a labor of love for those in health care and government who wish to make sure that Singaporeans get the care that they need via hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities.

How to Learn More

More changes should be covered in the press and at our website. As well, you should be able to find the latest information about these changes at official websites of Singapore health care agencies and departments. There is a lot to be excited about and the restructure is just another example of how the Singapore government reacts progressively by enacting smart changes.

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