SARMs –The Wonder Dietary Supplement?

With the increased awareness of health and fitness, more and more people around the globe are becoming fitness enthusiasts. And to achieve desired fitness levels, health supplements are included in diet charts. One of such health or dietary supplements is SARMs Best quality Sarms.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are the dietary supplements intake of which is favored by athletes, professional body builders and fitness enthusiasts. SARMs are synthetic drugs with almost similar results as anabolic steroids but with lesser side effects. Anabolic steroids run risk of medical conditions like prostate cancer and liver damage; however SARMs are reported to be safer in usage.

SARMs: Safer Steroid?

  • SARMs are believed to be a safer proposition as compared to the traditional steroids or anabolic steroids. Athletes and professional body builders have found a real good alternative to steroids in SARMs. SARMs are included in the dietary charts to build muscle mass (lean muscle mass) and to effect fat loss. During weight loss, SARMs dosage is believed to prevent muscle loss.

  • SARMs are reported to not interfere with body’s natural hormone production mechanism and hence work independent of body’s natural mechanism. Moreover, SARMs do not chemically get converted into estrogen or dihydrotestosterone (DTH) and are non-toxic in nature which means no risk of liver damage.

  • Though there is no endorsement from Food and Drug Administration stating that SARMs are safe in use, however, as per individual claims and testimonies SARMs do a decent job and that too with least side effects.

Pros of SARMS

  • Muscle Growth: Fitness enthusiasts have been using SARMs to promote muscle growth (lean muscle mass). By building up lean muscle mass, the athlete increase their endurance quotient.

  • Avoid Muscle Loss: SARMs are believed to prevent muscle wasting or muscle atrophy. SARMs have also found their usage during body building’s cutting phase. It has been reported that when taken during cutting phase (the pure fat loss stage), SARMs help prevent loss of muscle mass. In the same manner, SARMs have found applicability in weight loss programs where motto is to lose fat and not the muscle mass.

  • Non-Toxic: SARMs have been reported to be non-toxic in nature. Its non-toxic nature means that liver is least affected by SARMs intake.

  • Convenient Intake: SARMs are oral use only drug, which means you do not need injections to have SARMs. It is good news for people who are afraid of needles. Moreover, oral intake is quite convenient.

  • Much safer than Anabolic Steroids: It has been observed that SARMs are safer to use than anabolic steroids. The reason being, SARMs offer the same types of benefits without risk of many of the side effects of anabolic steroids. The traditional steroids or anabolic steroids reportedly give rise to serious medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, gynecomastia etc.

SARMs as a dietary supplement may prove to be beneficial to you; however, you should do a thorough research before opting for any SARMs and should do so only after consulting a trained and qualified physician.