Roles and responsibilities of a lactation consultant

When you avail the services of the best lactation consultants in Delhi, you provide support to the breastfeeding moms. A lactation consultant is one who is experienced, knowledgeable in breastfeeding or lactation. Their prime focus is to educate, assist and guide the breastfeeding moms. As most of us are aware breastfeeding has immense benefits to your baby. There is a reduced risk of asthma, along with respiratory illness for babies. Women who breastfeed also have less incidence of cancers. In spite of all these issues, women tend to encounter some problems during the first few weeks of breastfeeding when the baby is born. This is the time when they look for guidance or some form of support which a lactation consultant is able to provide helping them to manage a large number of breastfeeding situations.

Lactation consultants in Delhi work in a variety of settings and it may include hospitals along with clinics. Some of them are board certified and use initials before their name. The first encounter with them will be during the course of a prenatal breastfeeding class, where the benefits of breastfeeding will be presented to you. You will learn the technique of latch on, in addition to preventive along with management of potential problems and so on.

The class is a great way to start your breastfeeding experience. Pay close attention in class and ask hundreds of questions, and write down all the information to review at a later date. You can ask the instructor where there is a lactation consultant in the hospital where you are planning to deliver the baby. Understand on how to get in touch with them as some mothers tend to have special medical or personal circumstances. In that case you will need to schedule an appointment with them. In some hospitals, these consultants see each and every mother before they are discharged. In case of others it may be referred by a physician. Phone or consultations by email are available and in case of most of the hospitals they tend to provide it at a free charge, whereas in the case of others a fee is charged. If the hospital does not have a lactation consultant in the premises, they may refer to a private one.

Generally, most of the mothers will not have any problem during breastfeeding and others may have some common questions which can be answered pretty easily. Mothers often have their own network of support and seek external help in the form of their friends or relatives. But for mothers who do not have such a form of support and face complex breastfeeding issues, a visit to a lactation consultant can keep the problems at bay.

During consultation, the consultant will gather more information about the medical history of the mother and the baby. All this information can be used to formulate a plan of action. Depending upon the situation, the consultant may refer you to other health care professionals.

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most important things which you can do as a mother. It is a natural experience, but it is also an art. Preparation will help you make a steady start in this process and you can read a variety of material on breastfeeding or if time permits join a class.