Restore your teeth colour

Teeth discoloration is a severe problem that taints our smile and thus tainting our whole personality. Teeth discoloration can be caused due to a number of reasons but all of the reasons result into tooth decay that at the end results in the form of teeth discoloration. In order to avoid teeth discoloration, one must adopt proper oral hygienic habits that can help us avoid not only this but also a bunch of the other oral or teeth conditions. Another way to avoid this type of problem is that you should avoid taking too much tea, coffee and smoking. Teeth discoloration could be of 2 types

  • Intrinsic (caused by body itself)
  • Extrinsic (cause by food substances)

Teeth colour restoration

Tooth colour restoration has become a trend nowadays. People with discoloured teeth now can have their perfect smile back with colour restoration. Different dental clinics around the world have this facility of tooth colour restoration and dentists are expert in this technique of bringing smiles back to their faces. The colour selected to be restored to your teeth must be natural looking and must match the original colour of your teeth that was before discoloration. It must be made sure that the teeth seem seamless and it must look like an original smile because if the colour selected does not match with your natural smile it will make you and your smile look artificial.

In some of the cases due to some accident a part or piece of tooth is chipped or broken off a resin is used to fill in small gaps and spaces and also attach a broken part. The material that is used in this type of teeth restoration process is known as resin. It is used to make the shape of the tooth just like before the injury. After the tooth has been restored the process of tooth colour restoration comes next. In this process, restored tooth part is made even like the rest of tooth and if done right the restored tooth part will be unable to spot and the tooth will look shiny and new.

It is after that necessary for the doctors or the dentists to present with the patient with guidelines that are necessary for the care of that restored resin. The dentist tells patients about what to do and what to not to obtain better durability of this restored resin in the teeth.

Guidelines to follow after tooth colour restoration

Following are the some of the guidelines that a patient needs to follow once he or she is done after the tooth colour restoration

  • Avoid the products that have initially caused the discoloration. One must avoid such products like coffee, tea etc. that can cause discoloration of tooth again because then you would have to go through the whole procedure once again.
  • Patients are advised to adopt good oral hygienic practices like brushing and flossing hem regularly this will help to save the tooth from further decay that can be caused by carelessness.
  • Regular visits to the dentist are necessary so a dentist can analyse what conditions might once again cause discoloration in the same patient and regular checkups can help us find small problems that could then, later on, turn into worse ones causing tooth decay.

A number of dentists having expertise in tooth colour restoration are helping people around the world and are spreading healthy smiles.