What is Public Health According to CAPT Martin Lloyd Sanders

A Public health officer is an individual who has a lot of things to cover in their jobs. Most careers in the ground of public health are also involved in advocates representing individuals who are not capable of voicing out themselves like the mentally handicapped, children, the disabled and the deprived, this individuals cannot help themselves. Communities in particular need to be encouraged to scrutinize simple procedures that will keep the mainstream population healthy. The fundamental idea of public health is to keep up a well catered for system to offer protective as well as treatment plans to sustain healthy lifestyles. This is through injury management, research, as well as protection against probable dangers to a healthy public.

What does a public health service worker do as stated by CAPT Martin Lloyd Sanders?

Through research, professionals like CAPT Martin Lloyd Sanders will on their side make an analysis of environmental maintenance, genetic health. They will also promote positive individual choices to make sure that individuals are well informed on definite dangers that could swallow up them. With this, the US government facilitates programs that will make sure the health of families is well preserved.

All in the entire motive people have about public health departments is to make certain that the entire population is well catered for. This is to shield them from possible harm such as infectious diseases from poor environment. The total population of the country is well catered for through smaller community initiatives that are sustained through the local councils. This is one way that the public health system is to be kept robust and alive to take care of a healthy society.

The main problem for public health officer is to keep individuals informed of different dangers that could surround them. They take accountability to make sure that the educational facilities are kept on record and early warning systems are put in place. With this, the screening is done on a customary basis. This is in line to make sure that in case an epidemic is in the offing, they are able to quickly restrain it and put in place research means and tone down the situation before it gets out of control.

The public health of the United States depends on austere and workable policies to make sure that service are well administered. The parameter of health systems is the fundamental task that CAPT Martin Lloyd Sanders should be able to take care of the communities. As a matter of actuality, some communities do have underprivileged people who are not able to pay for insurance for them and their families. That is why the mitigation structures make sure that these kinds of policies are made comprehensible.

The larger part of the community does go through some tough moments that need to be cautiously analyzed. They should be able to deal with reducing such disparities that set apart the achievement of public health. The most important thing is to guarantee that is a working equity program that provides accessible and quality health care for all.