Is it possible to treat fetal genetic diseases in the womb by the method of fetal gene therapy?

Experts are in a position for a quick fix with genetic conditions in the form of Gauhar disease. This they are planning to achieve by working on the mechanism of fetal gene therapy and its implications. This is too a large extend modified by the success that has been achieved with the clinical trails of the same in human beings and kids. The best part is that some scientists are really excited in order to fix up certain genetic conditions which cannot be treated after birth. There are other scientists who have gone to raise questions about the practical angle and feasibility of these tests to be precise.

As per recent studies it has been found out that when DNA stuffed viruses are surgically being injected on to mice, then you could go on to treat genetic diseases in the womb. Here you would find that the potential for improvement is really dramatic in nature. It does point to the fact that this surgery would be possible in fetal monkeys as well. When it is the case of genetic disease the damage will take place much earlier.

Gauhar disease could be caused by hundreds of mutations, and doctors are known to treat this disorder with the help of injections. But the second stage of this disease where you find that the enzyme tends to lack in the brain is not liable to be treated. For the simple reason that the lining of the brain does prevents the large enzymes from entering as well.

Though it is not the first time where fetal gene therapy has been performed on animals by scientists. But the results have been really impressive till date. If you consider it from a technical point of view you could term it as bullet proof. There is another view point that does go on to cast a lot of shadow on how practical the approach is. You are not sure on how sure on how relevant it is going to be in case of human beings. The intention of the study is right. For the simple reason that once the infant would be in front of you it is not going to be that late. But the real problem lies from the fact that there are less woman who really want to become the subject matter of such experimental studies .

As far as fetal gene therapy is concerned you cannot consider it to be a new idea. Ever since the period of the 1990’s researches have gone to voice a strong opinion towards it. In the midst of all this one thing is for sure people do not hate this concept as of now. A lot of group in the world are liking this idea and this is being put to experiment across various groups. At the same time a surgical approach of this concept to developing brains is under the preview of study as well.