Meet Your Fitness Goals with Pay-As-You-Go

healthclub-qlookSummer is right around the corner, and whether you’re a wearer of tiny bikinis or have a new pair of swim trunks, you’ll want to look great in them. Many people start the year out with resolutions to cut down on fattening foods or initiate exercise plans that they can’t follow through with. By springtime, they’re either burnt out or have given up because they didn’t see results. For more successful weight loss results, joining a facility that specializes in all aspects of fitness and has the resources to give you personal attention is the best way to achieve your goals.

Most major fitness chains insist that you finance a plan in advance, so that they make money whether or not you get any results at all. However, an alternate option is available: there’s a popular new fitness arrangement that allows you to pay as you go. With the economy fluctuations and changes that can occur in one’s personal life, you may bein a position involving unknown variablesthat can cause you to stop working out even when you have the best of intentions to do so. 60% of people drop out of their gym memberships before the year’s end. In this kind of situation, you could really use some flexibility.

fitnessequipment (2)Workout facilities that offer pay-as-you-go services leave your wallet and your time in your own hands, which helps when things like your shift at work are rescheduled, your child has an unexpected event, or when other unforeseen circumstances arise. If you need time for a muscle to mend or a busy season to settle down, paying as you go ensures that you won’t be dishing out funds for gym accommodations and services that you won’t be able to use. This is a great way to make the most of your time and money.

With a workout opportunity like the one offered at Striation 6, you get the best of both worlds:  you can use state of the art equipment in a safe environment that’s designed specifically for athletes or customers who want to lose weight, and you’ll feel secure knowing that you’re not paying for more than what you get. Mats are provided to ensure proper padding for activities that include a floor workout. There are towels provided for perspiration and wipesto keep equipment clean, and the mirrors are wall sized so that Striation 6 customerscan see a full body view of themselves. It can be very encouraging to see the progress you’re making on a workout-to-workout basis. On top of everything, you’ll have access to professionals who not only know which muscle groups to work out together, but can also recommend specific tips for challenges you may personally be facing. One of the better perks of being part of a fitness community is having access to Striation 6 personal trainers in Toronto who can help you plan a routine to lose weight and then teach you strategies to keep that weight off, so that you reach your goals and continue to set new ones.