Lower back pain in basketball players

Basketball is one of the popular sports in most of the countries including the tropical countries and also the counties with cold weather conditions. It is played as winter sport in counties which have cold weather conditions. As the sports involves lot of running around it can be physically very challenging for the athletes and basketball has a reputation of being toughest and most violent of all sports that are played. With such challenging scenarios the players are subject to more injuries and ailments than usual. The training and practice session can be very long and tedious; they need a lot of exertion of pressure on the whole body. The players can suffer from strains, tears, open wounds, fractures and dislocations during the practice session or during the game. One of the most common types of Basketball Back INJURY seen in players is the pain in the lower back area of the body due to repetitive stress of the high intensity sport as the game involves hunching of the body while playing in the skating position.

Symptoms and causes

Generally the players are diagnosed with degenerative disc diseases, the reasons for this could be the pressure exerted on body from the practice and playing of game or because of the genetic reasons.

If a person is experiencing a chronic pain in the back, they must visit the doctor immediately. The degenerative disc disease occurs when the moisture in the discs between the vertebrates dries out and as a results the capacity to absorb shock is significantly lowered which ultimately leads to tear in the discs.

Players experience tightness and fatigue in the lower back region of the body. Although there are no permanent cures for the back injuries, proper resting and physiotherapy session can go a long way in treating such a condition.

Every player must make sure that there is good warm up session before the actual practice or game session is started to avoid any kind of Basketball Back INJURY. Stretching exercises lasting for few seconds can go a long way in avoiding the sudden fatigue to the back. The basketball players must concentrate on strengthening programs for the development of a stronger body and also good posture must be practiced. Any posture that is known to decrease the pressure on the body could be practiced by the player. They must be able get good control over the flexibility and movement of the body so as to exert as much less pressure on the back as possible.

Keeping the body hydrated with constant supply of fluids and water will help the athletes in avoiding spasms and fatigue as they make body more easily prone to the back injuries.

The key to dealing with back pain is along with strengthening and body building exercises the supervision of an expert is always required so that the wrong exertion of pressure doesn’t take place. Also the players should make sure that even the slight pain and hint of uncomforting shouldn’t be ignored and immediate relief must be sought.