Laennec (injections) – Skin Revival or Maintenance

Is your skin ageing? Saggy and dry? Do you have marks on there that weren’t there when you were younger? Would you like to return to the youthful, smooth, bright skin you once had? Well, Laennec can combat all these traits of ageing skin and give you the youthful looks you once had. Nature often has the answers and now medicine has been able to unlock the treasures within. That is, all the areas that nature stops as we get older, science has been able to regenerate and rejuvenate. As we get older the key points that keep us youthful looking stop being produced by the body. So, we need a little help from beauty products to return to or maintain our youthful appearance.

Saggy skin is the result of collagen no longer being produced by the body which acts as a support under the skin, keeping it taught and spongy. Without that layer under the skin, it falls and wrinkles, giving us the aged look. To combat this we need to convince our bodies to produce collagen again. This product aids the production of collagen again, so the skin can feel firm and elastic as it was in our younger years. As well as this, agents that create good skin need to be present. This is why moisture retention is present as well as an anti-oxidant agent. Through the years our skin is subject to a plethora of chemicals through the beauty products we use to the atmosphere we are in. To clear these, the anti-oxidant works to dispel any foreign agents in the skin. Additionally, there is a possibility that the skin reacts badly to some of the surrounding chemicals in a negative way causing irritations, rashes or pimples. An anti-histamine is present to reduce and clear any effects this may be having on your skin. With both of these active parts, your skin is left clear and smooth with a bright complexion.

There are minimal treatments for this product which makes it more and more popular. The injections are small and can be administered either under the skin (subcutaneously) or into a muscle (intramuscular). Only 1, 2ml vial is required to be injected twice a week to get the full effects of youthful skin. Or if you already have great skin, but would like to maintain it, you can inject 1, 2ml vial every 10-15 days.

With all injections there are some effects of the needle piercing the skin, so it is possible to experience firmness around the injection point or even a small rash which will subside. A fever has been found in extreme cases, in which case halting the treatment is recommended. If you are male then due to some hormonal change, a small percentage of male breast enlargement is possible.