How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

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The thought that a baby will break the puzzle of your relationship back to its component parts is very wrong. But new insights marriage counselling is here to help you with that.

No, the man beside you is not a horse, and the baby is not a chain to stall him so he will not escape from you.

There are no statistics on how many links have been broken and how many children are doomed to grow up with unhappy parents because of the foolishness of binding someone with a baby. But we are judged by their experience to be terribly much. It is surprising that women of all ages believe that giving birth is mean to put a lock on your husband’s neck.

Happy life together has nothing to do with tying. Feeling happy with a woman means you feel that you are shaking at a frequency.

Now think: have you seen a happy dog tied by a meter and a half of a chain?

A man who feels tied rarely feels connected.

When the child comes, it will be difficult for you. Failure to halt will hit you like a freight train. Your chest will hurt, your girlfriends, your work, and S-size clothes will miss you, and your home will smell of milk and if. Your man will try to support you, but he will often not know what to do, and the one-sided conversation that is distraught by the weight of constant fatigue will make him feel rejected. Sometimes he will find an excuse not to be home, because the stress comes to him more. Your friends will only be called to ask how the baby is, as if you, as a couple, were finally overwrought by the landscape. To the west, this period is called “baby quake,” and the comparison of the baby’s arrival with an earthquake should tell you enough.

The man who is “tied up” will get used to carrying all his salary at home. He will suffer the argument that he has bought the wrong size of diapers, he will keep silent for the fact that for the third month he looks at you only on a wedge and a sweatshirt. When you sit down to dinner together, his eyes will wander, and the lack of attention will only make you even more curvable and aggressive.

With the man you love, you will probably start to spend time together more often. But you’ll fight for half an hour together while the baby is asleep. You’ll even try to watch a movie together. Sometimes, when the nerves of both of you are stretched as elastic, someone will joke unexpectedly and laughter will distract the clouds. You will think again to dress well for him. He will insist on washing the dishes for you, even though he has just returned from work. He may start calling you sweet names, which will make you feel good. You will raise a child who will learn what two people who love each other are mean to meet the problems together.

Do not pursue men to bind to make unhappy one another. Discover that love that you both never want to escape.

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