Is Refractive Laser Surgery Safe

When you think about surgery on your eyes, the delicacy of the process can make you think twice, especially when it involves reshaping the cornea. However, refractive laser surgery today is considered a safe procedure for the eyes.

A Safe Procedure

Many people do not know that refractive laser surgery has been practiced for the last two decades. Therefore, innovations have made this type of advanced surgery a safe and practical way to improve a person’s vision. In fact, the longevity and staying power of the procedure is due to its safety record. The surgery is deemed safe because it is also effective.

How the Process Works

When reviewing the safety of laser surgery, you also have to review how the procedure is performed. Surgeons customise treatment plans by taking measurements of a patient’s vision and programming the calculations on a computer. This enables the doctor to follow a treatment plan. LASIK in San Antonio is generally performed with the use of an excimer laser. This type of laser transmits a cool beam of light – a light beam that removes microscopic pieces of corneal tissue. The cornea is a structure of the outer eye. Therefore, the cornea is reshaped so that a patient can see more clearly.

Surgeons also use an instrument—a femtosecond laser—to produce a corneal flap when the surgery begins. The laser runs at super-fast speeds and employs a short pulse that is not exposed to the surrounding tissue.

The Benefits Are Too Good to Ignore

Whilst it may make you feel a bit trepidatious to have surgery performed on your eyes, it still can be performed with successful results. When you review the benefits of refractive laser surgery, you will not hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation.

This common eye surgery is used to correct the vision of over 100,000 people in the UK annually. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision across the cornea so he or she can raise a flap of tissue. He or she then reshapes the surface. In some cases, patients may still need to wear glasses after the operation. Usually, the glasses are required for driving at night.

Why Refractive Surgery Is Recommended

Refractive laser eye surgery is touted among eye doctors and patients for the following reasons:

  • The procedure is shown to work. It corrects people’s’ vision in most instances.
  • The surgery causes a patient little discomfort.
  • The vision is corrected almost instantly, or within a day of the procedure.
  • Recovery is fast and does not necessitate the use of stitches or bandages.
  • After the surgery, most patients no longer need to wear corrective glasses.

You just have to remember that any alterations made to the cornea cannot be reversed. Some visual distortions, such as halos or glare, may be experienced after the surgery, although these incidences are very rare.