Is Permanent Hair Removal for Man (Men) Really Possible?

alpineskin-website-laserhair-mensIn the past, hair removal was regarded as a strictly female activity. However, it has become a fairly common practice among males today. Is it really possible for a man to have his hair removed permanently? Canada MedLaser is the first place to go for laser therapy in Toronto.

A number of hair removal options exist; some professional hair removal methods include temporary procedures like waxing and shaving and other permanent removal methods like electrolysis and laser hair removal.  Let’s go through some of these hair removal options.


Laser presents a simple and permanent solution for unwanted hair and/or skin rejuvenation. Hair removal via this procedure is however not permanent in all patients as it has been shown to increase hair growth in some people. It is impossible to achieve permanent hair removal via any form of laser without scarring.

Typically what a laser really does is to reduce the amount of hair present and probably pave way for permanent hair removal.  Subsequent laser hair removal treatments may likely allow for the removal of finer shallow rooted hair. It is necessary to engage the services of a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon if you intend to get a permanent laser hair removal treatment.


Even though Laser treatment is a very effective method for hair removal, it is not a permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis is currently the only proven method of permanent hair removal; it destroys the hair follicle, thereby killing the cells responsible for hair growth. It is often recommended by physicians because it is generally considered safe and is still the only permanent hair removal option.

Electrolysis is suitable for all hair color and skin type and is a permanent hair removal option for anyone, both male and female. However even though electrolysis is supposed to offer a permanent hair removal solution, just like laser hair removal method, it may not be totally effective in some cases.


A permanent hair removal treatment is one method that can make many areas of the body rid of hair in an hour.  Permanent hair removal processes generally involves some sort of sensation however Intense pulse light (IPL) is the gentlest one yet. Stable permanent removal may be achieved in some situations after multiple treatment sessions.

Generally any permanent hair removal treatments will usually affect only about 30% to 40% of the hair follicles. On the average, patients usually require three treatment sessions in a given area, for a long lasting outcome.  Treatments are usually administered after a six weeks interval.


Some patients have been known to experience re-growth of hair with a finer texture and lighter color after a permanent hair removal treatment. You should analyze your options carefully with your doctor if you have lighter coloring and may have had a positive or negative hair removal experience in the past.


According to experts,  what is often promoted as a permanent hair removal technique for either male or female should be give more precise terms like “hair reduction” or “hair defusion”.