Human growth hormone supplements – usage & effects:

Human growth hormone is a kind of hormone that controls all growth functions in the body. Testosterone production is also controlled by HGH. HGH injections have been used by many bodybuilders to boost HGH levels. Where there is an excessive HGH in the blood stream it might lead to dangerous effects. Taking HGH pills are safer since they help your body to produce more growth hormone on its own. Since they do not contain any artificial HGH, the usage is said to be safe. With the safest HGH pills bodybuilders can obtain bigger, harder and leaner muscles without any negative impacts.

HGH is normally produced by the pituitary gland, the master gland of our body. The hypothalamus commands pituitary to manufacture and secrete growth hormone in the body. When either the pituitary or hypothalamus is damaged due to malformation, traumatic brain injury or genetic deformity, the HGH may not be produced adequately for growth development and overall health. In such cases HGH injections or pills are recommended by the physicians. HGH pills are the best alternative to injections. HGH combines with collagen to maintain the muscles, skin compositions. HGH production reduces aging process. The supplements play an important role in boosting HGH levels naturally. Somatropin is a HGH pill only available with a prescription. Some alternatives have come to market to substitute Somatropin.

Another method of increasing human growth hormone levels in the body is changing the diet pattern which helps the pituitary function. Diet change, exercise and nutritional supplements will provide numerous health benefits that run for a long time.

HGH Supplements benefits:

It increases bone density, lean body mass, strength and stamina, metal focus, sexual desire, testosterone production. HGH decreases fat from the body, reduces cholesterol levels, controls diabetes.

Side Effects of HGH

When the users take HGH supplement without proper consultation with the doctor, it might cause many horrible side effects on your body. The following side effects are experienced by some users such as Burning, crawling, prickling and itching sensation, Abnormal touch sensation, Dizziness along with blurred vision, Ear infection, Nervousness and anxiety, Headache and slow or fast heartbeat.

Anti-Aging Therapy property of HGH:

HGH has effects on the body composition, not just on growth only. HGH secretion will be highest during the childhood and peaks during puberty. When we start to grow, the HGH levels start to decline. People who have pituitary disease will significantly have HGH deficiencies with more body fat and lean muscle mass with decreased bone density. Many claims about HGH that it has anti-aging properties and been used by athletes to accelerate their muscle gains. The problems associated with low growth hormone levels are increase in fat reserves, decreased libido, reduced muscle mass, reduced strength and stamina, reduced brain function, Diabetes, Anxiety and Depression, skin wrinkling, High cholesterol and greater sensitivity to cold and heat. HGH is available in both injection and pills form. Since pills are the alternative to injections and many users prefer pills out of its fewer side effects.