How to Hire the Right Personal Trainer

When hiring a personal trainer, you want to be sure you employee someone who is highly knowledgeable in the area of exercise science and knows exactly how to tailor programmes for individuals which get results. It is vital that you conduct some background research and make an informed decision when choosing a personal trainer. Aim to hire an individual with a proven track record.

Here is a list of 7 questions you should ask a personal trainer before you decide to avail of their services.

  • What kind of clients have they trained?

Whether you are aiming to lose weight or training for the next 10 kilometre marathon, it is important that you hire someone who has seen it all. You want to hire an individual who has designed programmes for kinds of people, for instance, some highly recognised personal trainers in Liverpool have worked with professional footballers right down to ordinary business people, developing routines which perfectly suit their needs.

  • What kind of services do they provide?

Some facilities are dedicated to service people who are only looking to hire personal trainers, these centres are filled with highly knowledgeable, experienced individuals. They provide packages for a wide range of fitness levels and offer programmes such as 10-week body transformation and post-natal routines.

  • Can they provide more than one reference?

It is important to ask any potential personal trainer for previous references, they should have no issues providing you with the contact details of former clients they have trained. Calling them to a great way to find out how the trainer operates on a daily basis and how satisfied they were with their performance.

  • Do they conduct sessions outside of the facility?

It can get tedious constantly going to the same gym every week to exercise, some trainers provide additional location services, so if you get bored of the gym, you can always conduct a session in the local park or at home.

  • Can they deal with specific health or injury related problems?

A professional personal trainer will know how to assess and plan a specific routine designed solely to suit your unique requirements, a good trainer will know how to work around any problems and provide you with exercises which don’t exacerbate the issue.

  • What qualifications do they possess?

There are numerous qualifications on the market concerning exercise and some are completely inadequate, you should firstly check whether the trainer has a university degree in a field such as human movement, exercise science or performance science. At least you know they have a knowledgeable baseline from an accredited institute. There are also additional qualifications to look for like the NCCA approved cert.

  • Does the trainer have genuine knowledge?

To test whether a personal trainer knows their industry, do some research on a specific subject before quizzing them. Make sure to gather information from peer reviewed journals and not just any Internet resource before asking questions.

Finding a good trainer can be challenging, trust your instincts and you’ll find the right person for the job.