How to Get Emergency Denture Repairs

Dentures are a wonderful invention because they allow you to bite, chew, and talk with teeth that will never rot, wear out, or become stained. However, dentures aren’t perfect and while the technology is becoming more advanced each year, there are still some flaws in modern dentures.

As the shape of your mouth changes, your dentures will stay the same shape. This is often why it might feel as if your dentures are gradually getting looser as you age. As the materials in your dentures get a little older, they can also become more fragile and brittle.

Sooner or later, you might need to get emergency denture repairs. Whether you lose a tooth, get a chip in your dentures, or simply need them tightened, you’re going to need to know how to get emergency denture repairs.

Keep Any Broken Pieces

Suppose that one of your dentures’ teeth falls out. You should not throw it away or attempt to glue it back into your set of dentures. Instead, you should simply hold onto any broken pieces that you might have and call an emergency dental technician near you. It’s not hard to find dental technicians in Middlesex and it’s much better not to tamper with your dentures on your own.

Schedule an Appointment

Perhaps your dentures are too loose and it’s hard to eat without them falling out. You should schedule an appointment with a dental technician right away. A dental technician can adjust your dentures to fit your mouth’s shape again.

You should not try to bend or reshape your dentures on your own. By applying too much pressure on any point, you could actually worsen the damage. Dental technicians have special tools that they can use to reshape and fix your dentures and they will also know how to adjust the dentures properly.