How To Find The Best Holistic Dentist For Mercury Fillings Removal

If you are planning to remove those mercury fillings in your teeth chances are that you will think of the usual dentist first. However in the recent times, the demand of natural dentists has been on a rise. So, if you are rather looking for someone who is a specialist in the amalgam removal process or a practitioner who uses natural products (non-toxic) for the regular dental care, then you are definitely seeking a holistic dentist.

Why would you want to remove the mercury fillings?

The mercury that’s left in the body can cause serious health hazards and hence, removal of the mercury filling becomes extremely important for good health. Although there are many dentists who still feel that there’s no health concern caused by the mercury fillings, there are still many who do. For them, it becomes imperative to follow certain set of rules for ensuring maximum safety while removing mercury fillings. So, how do the holistic dentists ensure maximum safety during these procedures? Let’s see..

Using specialized tools that are free of mercury like that are bio-compatible materials make for the best mercury filling removing tools. The crowns should be either made of precious metal like gold or just plain porcelain that contains zero mercury. Usually the holistic dentists avoid using materials that are made of any metal and rather use those that are free o mercury.

Before even you make a decision to meet a dentist, get to know about the doctor and their mercury removal experience from the doctor’s past patients. The will be the people who can be the best source of references before you decide to go for removing mercury fillings. You can even meet the dentist prior appointment for a comprehensive explanation on the entire procedure to feel at comfort.

Take a tour of the clinic and inspect the room where the entire mercury removal procedure would be carried out. Check if there’s proper ventilation as during the amalgam removal procedure toxic gases get released. For this, both the patient and the specialist need to be adequately protected. The environment should be filled with clean air, there should be working fans and include ion generators to eliminate the mercury from the air. More importantly, you should ask the dentist if they provide rubber dams for the patients during the procedure. This is thing that is placed in the patient’s mouth during the mercury removal process that helps protect the throat from consuming any mercury substance.

The holistic dentists should also provide the patients with instruction manuals in print or in form of videos that helps the patient understand the entire procedure and warns them of any risks beforehand. Nutritional modification along with detox programs can be suggested to return to good health after the procedure.

Now, that you know almost all the important things about your dentist, removing mercury fillings procedures and the safety measures, you can interview different dentists who provide amalgam removal services with mercury free materials. You should also be able to get and compare prices, build a good rapport with the specialist and even check the quality of his work.