How to decrease the breast size naturally

The breasts of women start growing from the puberty especially after menstruation. This is due to the embryological tissues and the increasing of the estrogen level in the body which results in the increase in the size of the breasts. The mammary glands in the female are made up of layers of different kinds of tissues. They are adipose, glandular and connective tissues. The changes in the size of the breasts are resultant of the fluctuation of hormone in the female body. Now you might want to decrease the size of your breasts, and that is evidently a matter of personal choice. There are many options that one can go for while choosing the option of reducing the size of the breasts. One can go for some exercises, and home remedies that can help one to get the breasts size reduced.

There are some natural ways of how you can reduce the size of your breasts. They are:

Exercise: A regular cardio and strength training exercise will help you to lose the fat in your body. There are certain exercises which target the upper part of your body, and you lose the weight in that region. Low impact cardio which includes working on a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer for forty-five minutes every day will help you to reduce the size of your breasts. Classic push-ups and dumbbell bench press will strengthen the chest muscles and make the breasts firm. One must note that the exercise proves helpful but it also takes time and hence one must continue the exercise for a considerable period.

Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercise makes sure that the metabolic activity in your body is happening at a fast rate and when the intake of food is slower than the metabolism, you tend to lose weight. Some of these aerobic exercises are simple stair climbing exercise, cycling, and brisk walking every day. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercises for a couple of months every day will definitely show a change. One can see the reduction in size in a months time also.

Massage: Massage is a traditional way to reduce body fat. In case of breasts, you have to massage your breasts for an equal amount of time using olive oil or coconut oil. The massage must be done directing upwards and twice a day for three months will start showing a change. One must rub the breasts gently and may need to continue the same for a long period.

Ginger Tea and green tea: Breasts are made up of fatty acids, and ginger can burn up the fat by increasing the metabolic rate. The best way to consume ginger is by the consumption of ginger tea. You have to grind or finely chop ginger and put it into the boiling water for a few minutes. Then sip on the tea and consume two to three cups of it per day. Green tea can also be consumed to lose weight. Having a cup of warm green tea with honey and lemon early in the morning will considerably burn your fat.