How to Choose the Right Type of Wheelchair for Your Needs

If you use mobility equipment, you know how much your equipment helps to make everyday tasks easier. Whether you use something as simple as a cane or you use a powered wheelchair, the extra help enables you to be able to better achieve your goals and complete tasks each day.

With so many wheelchairs to choose from, it can be tough knowing which one is best for you. Wheelchairs are a type of technology that helps millions of people all over the world to move freely in their everyday lives, which is why choosing the right one is so important.

To choose the right wheelchair, all you need to know is what to look for in one. Read on to learn more about the two most common types of wheelchairs to choose from for mobility equipment in Notts.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are propelled by the user. This means that there are no motorised or electric mechanisms to propel the chair. Instead, the chair is propelled using only upper body strength, with the user pushing their arms forward as their hands grab the wheel rims to move.

In recent years, wheelchairs have been improved to require much less effort to move. This helps to reduce the strain and shoulder damage of the user.


  • Portable, Foldable, and Light
  • Economical
  • Many Propulsion Options

Electric Wheelchairs

Individuals who can’t push manual chairs or find them too arduous may choose an electric chair instead. There are many types of electric wheelchairs available today, most of which are powered by electric motors to help the individual move.

Electric or power chairs have also been greatly improved over the past decade or so. There are more options, the chairs are lighter, and they come with a better variety of features to suit different purposes, from travel and offroading to everyday use.


  • Electric Powered
  • More Features
  • Suitable for Everyone