How does the the addiction to drugs begin

The excessive consumption of psychoactive substances is a form of human behavior, this type of behavior is a full combination of acts, thoughts and motives. The behavior is a function of the previous stimuli, practically is a reaction of the internal organization of the individual.

Among the factors that influence a person begin to consume drugs are the following:

  1. Youth and adolescence: these are the times of the most influential in life where you have your friends and acquaintances. The group of friends with whom you choose to share, they take more relevance and importance in the life of every teenager. Also the relationship you have or that you’ve had with your parents are becoming weaker because they’re hooked on other things, like what is the use of drugs, which begin with a small sip of alcohol, half of a beer, a cigarette by here, a cigarette there. After you start to try a little bit of marijuana and so on.
  2. Rebellion: this is one of the moments that marked forever the rest of your life, because all the decisions you make from this point you marked for the rest of your existence. Here influence the insecurities and conflicts, the painful emotions, the doubts. Etc. The communication with people who go through the same thing as you will influence you and your fight in a very positive way.
  3. Rejection: always the rejection of the people you love, friends, society, etc. is another decisive factor in the early life of a person, since that profoundly affects their feelings. A young person needs of their own group and perhaps to be within that group needs to be the same as all, and it is here where the influences are gaining more power.

In our houses at Rehabilitation, each one of the people who are going through a difficult situation, as is the addiction, can come and spend a long season receiving the treatment they need to regain full control of their lives.

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