High concentration of red blood cells

Steroids are the synthetic harmones which help in the growth of muscles. Beside this, steroids also responsible for many other changes in the body. Steroids act as key regulators of whole-body homeostasis which provide an organism with the ability to resist  invasion of foreign substances and environmental changes.These steroids affects main systems of body and show numerous varieties of physiological changes which includes enhancing the speed and endurance with increasing of  higher concenctration of red blood cells in the blood.

Red blood cells are related to the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood and enhance the production which results in several benefits in body.Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the body and take away carbon dioxide. They are also known as erythrocytes. It helps in increasing the ability of the body to work harder and longer.

How it works

Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow as the physically undetermined and immature stem cells which are used in various blood and lymph system.Erythropoietin is produced by the kidney, which releases it in the blood where it binds with receptors in bone marrow.  The secretion of renal harmone erythropoietin signals the bone marrow to act upon and start the production of red blood cells. The chain of development of immature cells into adult red blood cells increases. The High concentration of red blood cells serve as the feedback mechanism which lower the secretion of red blood cells and inhibits the over production of cells. The anabolic steroids act upon the secretion of harmone erythropoietin which start production of cells. It also have been observed that for increasing the cell responsiveness towards the erthropoitin,  anabolic steroids may directly damage the stem cells .

Increase in the red blood cell concentration increases the performance

The capacity of the blood carrying oxygen effects the performance of an individual.  The effect increase with the individual capability of endurance exercises. To see the enhancement of performance the athletes are the perfect example for that. The most common methods among these athlete is Blood doping.  Blood doping refers to the practise of boosting the red blood cell production in the blood which results in increase and improving athletic performance .This process is accomplished by removing some quantity of an individual (athlete) blood and then freezing and storing it. The process is similiar as that of donating blood, and it requires minimum time for athlete’s body to replenish the blood and increasing the red blood cells.Blood doping uses the synthetic harmone such as anabolic steroids. Blood doping basically increases the number of haemoglobin which are the oxygen carrying protein in the blood . Due to the haemoglobin the red blood cell acquires red colour. Due to the increase in haemoglobin,  the oxygen in the bloodstream increases which results in enhancing the speed endurance and the performance.

The body doping or using injection for enhancement of red blood cells are mainly used by athletes. However bodybuilders are rarely concerned with stuff as overall oxygen uptake capacity and optimal aerobic performance.