Health and wellness

The most important thing in our life is being healthy. It is a combination of physical, mental and emotional, and social. And when you have this combination like it is supposed to be you are in well-being state. That is something that everyone needs to try to achieve before any other goals.

There are a lot of ways you can achieve this, it just depends on which method you prefer. From wide variety of training to just having a great diet with some physical exercise, nowadays people are making more and more programs you can follow. A big part of it is about mental health rather than physical.

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Physical health

Physical health is like the base of health overall. It can be a great starting point if you try to achieve the perfect state. You want your physical health to be strong or really good. One of the ways you can affect your physical strength is to eat nutritious meals and snacks. You need to make the right choices for yourself because for every person the diet is different.

Another way to have better physical health is, of course, to participate in regular physical activities. Approximately 45 minutes a day is enough training for your body to stay in great shape, and that is only if you have a proper diet.

One of the ways people skip is to always go to the doctors to check if everything is okay. Going regularly do the dentist or doctors you are preventing some physical damages to your body or fixing it. And a good tip always is to avoid harmful behaviors like smoking or drinking. Read more here.

Mental and emotional health

Mental and emotional health is simply put how healthy your brain is. One of the things that affect our health is positive relationships. The stronger positive relationships you can have with friends, family, community members, the better off you will be.

Usually, when you see a person who is self-confident, has self-esteem, he looks healthy, and that is also a true statement. When you think and feel good about yourself, your health will also improve. You won’t be stressful and you will appreciate yourself more. Stress is one of the major illnesses in the modern era, so knowing to handle it is at the very top of a healthy life.

Social health

Social health includes getting along with friends, classmates, or colleagues. You need to have these positive relationships as same as for mental health. When you work with someone you have a great relationship with, your day will go faster and you will enjoy the day more. And you have to work on these relationships to make them better.

Another part of social health is something that you don’t really have “profits” from. That means that it is healthy when you support people you care about. Even if you don’t have anything material out of it, you will feel more relaxed and it is great against stress.


Wellness is often associated with fitness and nutrition, but wellness is so much more than that. It is multi-dimensional, made up of seven different components which is physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, environmental, and financial.

Physical wellness includes your fitness level, your body’s overall condition, and your ability to care for yourself. Emotional wellness has to do with the attitudes and feelings that develop from the ups and downs of life. Intellectual wellness is achieved by those who challenge their minds often. Interpersonal is made up of supportive relationships, even those at work.

Spiritual wellness is having a set of guiding beliefs, morals, or values that help bring meaning to your life. Environmental wellness is determined by the livability of your surroundings, and financial wellness can be attained by living within your means and managing your money well. These components can affect each other.

The difference between health and wellness is that wellness is constantly changing. If you get hurt today your wellness state has gone from good to poor because something physically bad has happened. And on the other side, if you feel bad and something great happens, your wellness state goes from fair to optimal. It just depends on how you handle yourself during days, weeks, months.