Happiness in a puff of coffee ejuice

The present day world is not short on choices. E-Liquids too are no exception either.A vast array of flavors is available today. E-liquid flavors are made using food grade concentrates that are mixed with the vapor base. Very temptingly called ‘E juice,’ the customer’s flavored e-liquid is something that can be tailored to his or her choice. To wickedly entice the user further, small 10ml bottles of each e-liquid are available to help repeated trials, to confuse and interest the beginner, encourage his curiosity to experiment and yet remain pocket friendly. Fruit flavors like raspberry, vanilla or custard, peppermint, tobacco or menthol – the choice of eliquid is mind boggling and almost powerfully aphrodisiacal.

Just Coffee for my soul

When it comes to choice of flavors, can the coffee flavor be far behind? To any coffee lover, ‘a day without coffee is like something without something.’ No other flavor will do. For smokers who have switched over to vaping, e-liquid Brazilian coffee, Cappucchino, Espresso, Irish, Caramel, Hazelnut or Tiramusu–wide coffee e-liquid flavor ranges are up for grabs, each being distinct and different – some pure unadulterated coffee and some combining coffee with cream, sugar or just what-have-you, to deliver delightful experiences. Pure black or espresso, the coffee addicts craving for the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee beans is more than met in a fragrant serving of the e-liquid. This experience can, if one so desires, be further heightened, not by the steam of the espresso machine, but by the warm indulging nicotine vapor that is blended and tailored just for his taste buds.

When the e-cigarettes are triggered, they create an aerosol, causing the flavours and other chemicals to give the appearance of the vapour. E-cigarettes are a revolution among themselves. However, when it is used by an extreme addict, it may help him to recover. But, when a non-smoker smokes, it may lead to addictiveness. User reviews stand testimony to the “go-to” flavors that caffeine connoisseurs patronize for their individual choice. The robust coffee flavor that the vaping experience offers, tastes, as most on-site testimonies declare, ‘just like coffee’.

Which is the best?

All coffee lovers will unanimously agree that good coffee is not an easy eliquid flavor to get right. Like poetry for the soul!! An increasingly popular and noticeable shift in trend has been ‘the DIY coffee   based e-liquid’ blends. Many vendors sell the base mixtures and flavored concentrates separately. This is great if you want to save money or create your own base, to each one’s personal liking. And so, from a distinct move from pure black or just decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee, and since the vendor’s mixes don’t work for most, favorite coffee vapes are blended by most users on their own to their own signature taste.

With vaping caffeine becoming a fast growing fad, a point of concern, however, remains whether the risks with inhaling caffeine are any lesser than drinking a cup of coffee. Till the verdict is out, make the right selection and have a great ‘coffee therapy’ time!