Halotestin: History,Benefits and Caution for Women

Halotestin is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid that is consumed orally. The scientific name ofcourse is Fluoxmesterone that was in the 1950’s released for the first time. Halotestin is the most famed brand of this powerful anabolic androgenic steroid and it is a derivative of testosterone. It has humongous therapeutic advantages related to it. That is how it first gained popularity in the market. Post some time Halotestin began to be prescribed for curing bone fractures, malnutrition, deficiency of androgen in men etc. Furthermore, this steroid becomes frequent in being used both for men as well as women. In men as earlier mentioned the hormone generally treated the lack or deficiency of androgen and in that of women it is still used to treat some of the breast cancer cases.

This derivative of testosterone is a carrier of strong androgenic attributes. Apart from that it also is really good and is said to have fat loosing effects on human body. In renders in most men that use it, a strong and rugged look. The intake of this particular androgenic hormone can also pump up the strength as well as endurance levels in an athlete, specifically in the case of bodybuilders. No wonder Halotestin is so very famed among heavy weight lifters and many take it just before tournaments and competitions to take their performance levels to greater heights. This one is way better than any other androgenic anabolic steroid in terms of boosted strength. The career of a body builder has immense hardships. The first step is to get the preferred and required body for which a brutal competitive bodybuilding diet is usually prescribed and one has to abide by it. More than often it leaves the athlete drained during training sessions. This is where Halotestin come to the rescue. If Halotestin is added to the strict competitive diet, the last few weeks before the tournament become will not be as much of a challenge to endure.

When looking forward to buy this particular steroid make sure that you are not confused as it comes by a handful of names like Oratestin, Androfluorene, Testoral and the previously mention Fluoxymesterone. Halotestin are extremely beneficial for weightlifters as well as bodybuilders. You will sure come across many positive online reviews about the same. It helps in gaining additional strength, enhances muscle bone density, good for endurance as well as post training healing or recovery.

Halotestin- Not prescribed for women much!

Have you noticed when you surf over net that there are hardly any female reviews for the Halotestin hormone? You haven’t right? Well, there is enough reason for women not using this steroid as much as men do. Halotestin as previously said is a powerful androgenic steroid. So, it is evident that it will have androgenic side effects. That is what it is meant to do after all. But, these side effects like unusual growth of facial hair, voice deepening, breast contraction and enlarged clitoris, disruptive menstruation cycle are not expected in women.