Halitosis- Methods for Prevention

Bad Breathe also know or called as Halitosis. It is humiliating as well as an embarrassing health condition. It becomes an embarrassing situation when someone is sitting near to us and they feel awkward due to this smell. It can happen when we are in are in a relationship, while kissing also many partners faces such issues. It is not any dieses or genetic problem that everyone suffers. But among the populations some 40 percentage of people suffer these once in a life time. You can know more about us , from the web and social blogs.

The bad breathe can occur when there is a kind of imbalance in our body. Other various reasons like, gum infection, dental cavities, yellow coats on the tongue, oral hygiene is low, Sore throat while infection, intestinal disorders, dry mouth.

Some foods like onions, coffee, alcohol can cause temporarily bad breathe.  There are some ways to get rid of Bad Breathe are:

  1. Eat foods which are in fibre as they prevent from bad odour is suggested by the dental clinic Brampton.
  2. Drinking black and green tea can eliminate bad breathe as it contains sulphur compounds and it reduces oral bacteria.
  3. Visiting your dentist can also help as they will know, why the bath breathe problem is occurring, may be a internal cause for which they will prescribe or follow their methods to get rid of it.
  4. Drinking plenty of water can keep your mouth hydrated and even this will keep the intestine clean, so that the bad breathe can be removed.
  5. Brushing your teeth thrice a day. Brushing after meals should be must is recommended by dental clinic Brampton.
  6. Replacement of the brush with a new one in every two months. So that the oral and dental hygiene is maintained.
  7. Scrapping of tongue is must after the brushing so that no germs or bacteria gets decompose over the tongue.
  8. Once in every three days, cloves should be taken or chewed so that they are good antiseptic and helps fighting bacteria.
  9. As per the dentist clinic Brampton, chewing of basil, mint leaves helps to prevent odour maintains freshness in the mouth.
  10. Alcohol free mouthwash rinse should be used so that oral, gums, walls of mouth is washed and it remains fresh and odour less and even prevents ant bacteria decomposing over them.
  11. Chewing gums can give temporary solution for bad odours but in general most of the bacteria are generated while chewing as continuous saliva is generated and this will also increase the level of bacteria. Instead of Chewing gums, chew cinnamon as it is antibacterial and freshen up your mouth.

Other than Brushing, flossing your teeth is an important practice for oral hygiene said by dentist clinic Brampton. It may bleed in the beginning because the thread removes the food struck to the teeth and the gums. If tooth decay is the cause of the odour then eliminate them or if the tooth is too much spoiled, then remove it so that it does not pass on to the other teethes.

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