A Guide to Buying Hair Growth Shampoo

Everyone wants to have nice looking hairs that look attractive to people, but one of the things that prevent this possibility is hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by poor hair health due to overusing of dyes and hair sprays that make hairs to become weak and thin. Another reason is that hair follicles can be blocked by oil as a result of lack of moisture and vitamins. Poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. No matter the cause of the hair loss, it is unattractive in both men and women except in a few cases.

Having given us reasons for hair loss, what is the solution?

Using shampoos is a good remedy for hair loss. These are products generally used for good hair growth as they prevent hair loss. Hair needs good nourishment, and shampoos provide the nutrients required for normal hair growth. So, what do you need to understand before selecting a shampoo for your hair?

Consider your hair type

The first you need to know before selecting a shampoo is your hair type as well as scalp. Each type of hair has a specific kind of shampoo that will produce the best results for hair growth. So, do you have dry, oil, fine, frizzy or curly hairs?

Once you have known your hair type, it would be easy for you to know the right shampoo for your hair. Labels on shampoo containers sometimes indicate the type of hair that the shampoo is meant for, so selecting the right sample is not rocket science.

Here is a guide to the type of shampoos for different hair types:

For fine hair:

Buy a volumizing shampoo if you have a fine hair. This kind of shampoo adds volume to your hair without weighing the hair down. Stay clear shampoos with ingredients like polyethylene glycol or sodium chloride because they can make your hair dry and brittle.

For curly hair:

Buy a shampoo with silicone if your hair type is curly as the shampoo will give your hairs moisture for it stay bouncy. It will also prevent them from absorbing too much moisture or getting frizzy.

For dry hair:

A person with dry hairs needs to buy a shampoo with a keratin. This is because keratin acts as a sort of super moisturizer which will help in repairing the hair. Nevertheless, shampoos that possess alcohols such as cetearyl, cetyl and stearyl should be avoided as they can make the hair to be drier.

For oily hair:

Avoid shampoo with moisturizing or conditioning ingredients because your hair is oily already and additional moisture is not required. Anti-dandruff shampoos with ingredients such as ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, or selenium sulfide are highly recommended for this category of hair.

For colour-treated hair:

A person with a colour-treated hair should buy a color-preserving shampoo which would not strip out the highlights you have just spent a fortune on at the salon. You can also buy a vitamin-rich shampoo for your coloured hair. This type of shampoo will maintain the vibrancy of the hair. In general, a shampoo that is rich in vitamin E or A is advisable for colour-treated hair.

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