Going to a Hair Loss Clinic: What You Need to Know

Hair loss is a very serious issue amongst most middle-aged men and women. If you are beginning to notice large chunks of hair falling from your head every time you take a shower or run your fingers through your hair, you need to take action right away. You wouldn’t want portions of your scalp becoming visible due to hair falling out every time you place your hand on your head. Before you start making appointments and begin to panic, it’s important that you understand the main causes behind hair loss.

Why Is Your Hair Falling So Quickly?

There are many reasons why your hair may begin to fall off your head. The first and most obvious reason is genetics. If there are people in your family with thin hair on their heads, there’s a very good chance that your hair will begin to fall off too. Genetics play a very important role, and there’s just no way that you can discount it. Your hair requires a considerable amount of protein and other nutrients. If you aren’t consuming a proper diet, the roots of your hair will become weaker and begin to break off. Age also plays an important role in the frequency of hair loss.


There are plenty of home remedies that you can try to curb hair loss and promote growth. However, if the issue is serious and your hair is falling very quickly, it’s quite unlikely that these home remedies will work. Instead, you will probably have to go to a women hair loss clinic in Belfast for treatment.

Many doctors currently offer hair loss treatment options to patients. When you first go to a doctor, they will ask about your medical history and take down details about any existing medical conditions. The doctor may even require you to undergo medical testing for conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems, or others. Several studies have shown in the past that thyroid problems can contribute to excessive hair loss.

Treatment Methods

Many people think that going to a hair loss clinic means that you will have to undergo surgery or a transplant. That’s not always the case. Many modern hair loss treatment centres now use state-of-the-art treatment methods such as the enhancer system, which is specifically designed to increase the volume of hair and make it seem fuller.

Because the Enhancer System is designed bespoke for every patient, the doctors will carefully study the extent of hair loss and then determine the best course of treatment. Hair fall can also be curtailed by taking proper care of your hair. This includes applying oil in your hair and using different serums to promote hair growth and prevent others from noticing such large chunks of hair falling out. The importance of taking timely action cannot be discounted when it comes to treating hair loss. It’s imperative that you schedule an appointment and start treatment right away to prevent further hair loss.