Getting Rid Of Baggy Eyes With And Without Surgery

This article will cover all the details of surgery that you need to know, while also showing the possible results without the surgery. In any case, if you are looking for a great doctor, you should check out Dr. Naveen Somia, a plastic surgeon in Bondi, Sydney.

When people meet, the first thing they usually notice are your eyes. This is why the eyelid surgery has become one of the most common procedures, as many people have gone through with it. It can help you get rid of baggy eyes, wrinkles and baggy upper eyelids that might even cause you to have bad eyesight.

There are many different procedures that will help you look young again

Fortunately for many of us, there are actually more than just one way by which you can remove eye bags. Here, you will get to see some of the major causes for eye bags together with different methods of treatments. You have the non-surgical approach and the eye-bag removal surgery.

The cause of baggy eyes

Before you can understand how the treatment works, you will have to understand why to under-eye bags even appear. There are different factors that can cause you to have baggy eyes, and usually, more than just one factor is the reason behind this condition.

Usually, the most common cause of having bags under the eyes is the loss of fatty tissues in your upper cheeks. This tissue is located just below your skin, and it is seen thorough the face. As we age, it will break down, or “deflate” at a faster rate than you would expect under your eyes. Because of this uneven loss of fatty tissues, you are left with baggy eyes.

Another cause of baggy eyes is the weakness of orbital septum, which is the membrane that holds your fat under the eye. Normal aging can also cause orbital septum to be weaker and when it does, the fat behind it will start to bulge outwards and press your skin.

Non-surgical treatments

One of the most common ways of getting rid of eye bags without surgery is by simply getting the dermal fillers; which are gels made out of a substance called the hyaluronic acid. It can naturally be found in our body and it restores lost volume.

After the non-surgical treatment of under-eye bags, the patients can usually go back to their daily routines the same day or the following. However, some patients might end up experiencing some redness, tenderness, or swelling during the first week.

Surgical treatments

Patients who have eye bags that are caused by excessive bulging or fat under the eyes, your surgeon and doctor will surely recommend a surgical procedure that will help you get rid of the bags by removing excess fat and sometimes skin and muscle.

Consultations are very important, so do not miss out!

After the procedure is done, most of the patients can resume the majority of their normal activities after one week. However, full recovery will usually take from four to six weeks, and this depends on your body in general. For full results, you will have to wait about a year.

Final word

If you are looking for a great plastic surgery for eye bags or even if you want to undergo a breast reduction lift Sydney, you can contact Dr. Naveen Somia who will happily have a consultation with you and explain everything you want to know, click here for more information. It is important that you have as many consultations as you deem necessary, just to make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons.