Get best Medical examination done in New York

It is a known fact that whenever there is an epidemic in the country, then too people continue to migrate from one place to another for different purposes. Although, it is advisable not to move to another country during an epidemic in particular but there are ample of reasons why people are compelled to go to another country even when an infectious disease in widespread in their country. If you are in North York there are specialized CIC doctors who perform various medical examinations of your body to check if you are infected from the epidemic that was widespread in your country. If the test results are true then you are given proper treatment by the doctors before entering Canada. The doctors who are specialized for such treatments are panel physicians. Panel physician North York is a top CIC medical exam centre for getting proper medical examination done so that your visa gets approved.

Medical examination

List of tests that are conducted by CIC doctors

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) doctors basically treat those people who are at immigration and want the citizenship of Canada. Hence, they perform certain medical examinations at their centers to check if you are affected from any such disease. Some of those tests are discussed below.

Physical examination

CIC doctors perform medical examination of physical parts of your body such as lungs, nose, eyes, heart and various other organ checkups. If the test report of physical examination comes normal then other tests are performed otherwise if there are problems in your body parts then you are given proper treatment by them.

Chest X Ray

Second test that is performed is chest x ray to see if there are any infections of the contagious disease spread in your country. They treat you if they find anything abnormal in the report and then allow you to go for another test.