Five biggest myths about therapists

Myths and misconception do exist about psychotherapist, and you must get your facts right before you comment on any person getting a therapy, or decide a therapy for your own. Here are the 5 most common myths about therapists busted.


1. You make one listen to you by paying

It’s not like that. Many people have this notion that while you can’t make others listen to you, you pay gala money to the therapist to listen to you. But that is not the case. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, exertion of knowledge and experience to listen, understand and absorb, and help, which a therapist can do with his years of experience and expertise. That is why you always get help when you talk to the therapist than rather paying a stone to listen.

2. Therapy helps in crises only

It’s not the case again, and therapy is not for people in crises only or crises mainly. It rather is not much of use when one is too agitated during a crisis. A person can get help through a therapy when he realizes that he needs help, he seeks help, and he is asking the therapist for help. To make that happen, the person must get out of the initial tremors of the crises, and have the minimum mental balance to realize that he is not well or is disturbed.

Once again people, who are not disturbed at all, but are already leading a good life, can get tremendously benefited in life and excel in life, work and relationships, when they seek a therapist.

3. Therapy is all about discussions

It’s not just about talking only. There are many people who can’t even properly communicate and seek help. They may take days to talk properly. But that does not stop the therapy. In fact, a lot of scientific approach and methodical treatment and counseling are needed to bring in the feel good factor in them. Hence it’s not just about talking and discussing.

4. You have some problem in you and hence you approached therapist

That is so very wrong! You don’t approach a therapist because you have some problem in you. Rather you are interested to delve into deeper meanings of life, understand the reason of your life, purpose, and existence better, nurture your talents and skills, and feel the inner self and strength and weaknesses in you. That is how one excels in life, and these feelings may not be imparted by a friend or family member always. You may need some form of unbiased and educated and experienced support to get to the core of these.

5. Therapy is only for the mentally unfit and insane

It’s not at all like that. Therapists are to help any and every common man whoever goes to them. Mental health and mental wellbeing are the rights of every person just like you must have a nice physical health. That is why to feel good, and feel beautiful from within you must seek some therapeutic help from time to time.