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Drugs, in fact, are poisons. Their action is determined by the amount taken. A small dose stimulates (increases activity). A large dose acts as a sedative (reduces activity). An even larger dose acts as a poison and can kill a person.

This is true for any drug

For each of them, these doses will be different. Caffeine is a drug, so coffee can be cited as an example. A 100plates of coffee would perhaps kill a gentleman. Ten cups, probably, would have made him fall asleep. 2 or 3 cups of coffee stimulate. This remains a muchshared drug. It is not very dangerous, since it affects only when taken in very large quantities. Therefore, it is known as an aphrodisiac. Visit the for the best understanding regarding the same now.

  • Arsenic is known as a poison. And yet a tiny amount of arsenic acts as a stimulant, a fairly large dose will make a person fall asleep, and a few tenths of a gram is enough to kill a person.
  • But there are a lot of drugs, in the action of which there is one more negative factor.

They directly affect the mind

To really understand the impact that drugs have on the mind, you need to have some idea of ​​what mind is. The mind is not the brain. This is a collection of records of opinions, decisions, conclusions, perceptions and observations of a person, accumulated throughout its being. In Scientology, it was discovered that the mind is a system through whichthetan communicates with his environment and exercises control over him. By thetan means the person himself, the spiritual being, and not his body or name, not his mind, not the physical universe or anything else.

  • The most obvious part of the mind can be recognized by any person who does not suffer from serious violations.
  • With what is called the mind, there are various phenomena. Some people, closing their eyes, see only darkness, others see pictures.

Best Communication System

With the help of a communication system called the mind, the tan receives various impressions, including images of the actual physical universe. In addition, he gets impressions from past actions, and, most importantly, he himself imagines something about the past and the future, and it does not depend on the stimuli present at the moment.

The person who took drugs, in addition to the physical factors related to it, retain mental images, images associated with the use of these drugs and the effects. Mental images-pictures are voluminous color pictures with sound, smell and all other perceptions, and in addition, they contain human-made conclusions and conclusions. This is a mental copy of a person’s feelings at a particular moment in his past. However, those pictures that were obtained in a state of total or partial unconsciousness exist below the level of human consciousness. For example, a person who tookLSD, will keep in his mind “pictures” of what happened. These will be full records containing what he saw, as well as physical feelings, smells, noises, etc. – everything that happened when he was under the influence of LSD.