Fentanyl Addiction: How Fentanyl Affected Canada

Fentanyl addiction rose in Canada and this fatal opioid seems not to slow down a bit. According to various investigative reports regarding this narcotic drug, Canada fell prey to fentanyl and is now facing the terrible effects in the very core of society. Fentanyl addiction gives you a killer high, literally and figuratively speaking. This drug is manufactured in China and ordering it online is as easy as purchasing any other commodities on the Internet. Now, the opiate derivative has crossed the porous Canadian borders and the deaths are piling up.

Fentanyl Addiction and Canada

Fentanyl hydrochloride is a synthetic opiate which comes in a wide variety of forms from a lollipop to skin patch to a tongue-dissolvable pill. Hospital settings offer injectable fentanyl for more potent and quicker effects. You can also find fentanyl in various quantities from half-gram samples to a kilogram that sells for thousands of dollars. Fentanyl addiction may vary according to the strength of the drug you take. Some are 99% pure and could be 100 times more potent and stronger than morphine and heroin.

Fentanyl that Penetrates Canadian Borders

Fentanyl in Canada is an opioid which is a class of painkiller with is in the same category as morphine and oxycodone. Prescription drugs such as fentanyl are more toxic compared to other painkillers on the market when used and administered with wrong formulation and dosage. The opiate derivative serves as a pain reliever for breakthrough pains and an anesthetic in the medical settings.

The Canadian government has detected the main source of fentanyl in the country coming from Chinese manufacturers. However, a recent UN report indicates that Canada tops the list for the leading consumer of prescription opioid such as fentanyl on a per-capita basis. Numerous Canadians who are hooked on this illicit prescription drug turn to the black market to get their stash and feed their fatal habit. The hardest hit provinces are Alberta and British Columbia with records of fatal fentanyl overdose increasing from 42 to 418 in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

What happens in the fight against fentanyl?

According to online investigation reports, there are various measures that practically blocked the response to the crisis in Fentanyl addiction in Alberta such as the provincial and federal rejection of countermeasures to reduce the harm of fentanyl abuse. There are also loose legislations and laws that basically prevent and sanction medical practitioners who are indiscriminately prescribing fentanyl with higher and addictive dosage for chronic pain. Fentanyl, as well as chemically similar narcotics, are classified and referred to as controlled substances in the country. However, manufacturers and suppliers of fentanyl devise ways in order to conceal or divert the attention of authorities from this drug.

Fentanyl in Canada has resulted in countless deaths, leaving loved ones in constant and unbearable grief. The loss of a loved one is avoidable with proper treatment and prevention of Fentanyl addiction. Getting addicted to fentanyl is something that could change your life forever. Getting treatment for your addiction is a choice to make a difference.