Everything You Need To Know About Those Embarrassing Warts

dermatology-warts-verrucasFeeling embarrassed of that ugly, raised bumps on your skin? Those puffed up bumps make you feel less confident in general or personal? Those raised irritating bumps are nothing but warts. Human papillomavirus (HPV) are responsible for warts. They occurred years ago and still spread because of its contagious nature. The first symptom was found around 3,000 years ago on mummies and was mentioned so many time by well-known writer Shakespeare. It spreads drastically just through the contact.

In appearance, warts are skin-colored; often dark colored. They may possibly be flat, rough or smooth and painful. Warts transmit easily from your body to others even through touch. Without wasting time; get treatment early. Consult the best dermatologist. If you are looking for best treatment for warts, visit wart removal at london-dermatology-clinic.com once which will become a right choice for your wart removal treatment, you’ll not need to look further. They also cure various skin diseases like acne, skin cancer, mole removal, eczema with latest techniques and experienced dermatologists. Let’s learn more about it..

Types of warts : Warts are categorized in 5 types that include different occurrence and appearances. Let’s be familiar…

  • Common warts
  • Plantar warts
  • Flat warts
  • Filiform warts
  • Periungual warts

Let’s understand each one in detail:

  1. Common warts: Common warts usually occur on your fingers and toes but can grow elsewhere too. These kind of warts have a rough appearance and rounded top. Common warts are greyer than unaffected skin.
  2. Plantar warts: Unlike other warts, plantar warts grow inside your skin, not out of it. If you have plantar warts, you may notice the small hole in the bottom of your foot that appears surrounded by hardened skin. If you’re affected by these warts; you may feel uncomfortable while walking.
  3. Flat warts: Flat warts generally occur on the face, arms or thighs. This type of warts are small in size and are not immediately noticeable. They are flat topped and of pink, brown or yellow colored.
  4. Filiform warts: Filiform warts grow around mouth, neck, nose or under the chin. They are small and shaped like the small tag of skin. It is same in the color of your actual skin.
  5. Periungual warts: Toenails and fingernails are the main origins of these warts. They may be painful and affect the growth of the nails.

Possible ways to get rid of Warts : You should consult skin specialists while suffering problems related to skin, especially if you’re a diabetes patient. Doctors can treat you well by providing appropriate medicines or gel. Like liquid nitrogen. Doctors may freeze your wart with liquid nitrogen. This can be little painful but effective. The freezing causes a blister to form under and around the wart. It will take about a week to lift the wart away from your skin.

367-dermatologSecond compelling treatment is surgery. Surgery is the final key to treating the warts. After failing all possible efforts, surgery takes place. Your doctor cuts away wart with a surgical knife or burns it. Prior to this, you need to receive an anesthetic shot first which can be painful. This kind treatment may cause scarring.

How can prevent from warts?

Due to a contagious characteristic, you need to be careful while contacting the affected one. Hence, it is a sensitive disease that spreads fastly. If you are affected ones, try to prevent other parts of your body. Follow simple guidelines mentioned below and prevent yourself.

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after contacting affected patient
  • Use bandage to cover warts
  • Avoid picking up your warts
  • Keep your feet and hands dry properly after wash
  • While using locker room, wear shower shoes without forget

It’s your responsibility to prevent yourself. Try to be hygienic all the time. Once, a wart has developed, it spreads to your whole body while in the case of carelessness. Approach best dermatologist to cure yourself from warts. Undoubtedly, who loves to look ugly! No one actually. Right!.